What Makes a Great Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet or Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) or “opt-in” is something that you give to your ideal customers/clients in exchange for their contact information.  Typically, people are very protective of their contact information so your lead magnet must be strong enough to entice them to hand over that information.

What makes a gread lead magnet

There are several things that your opt-in should do if you want it to be irresistible:

  1. Solves a Problem.  Your ideal clients have problems.  That’s why they are likely on your website or reading your article.  Ideally, you don’t want to solve their biggest problems with a lead magnet, or they won’t need to hire you, however, your magnet must solve one of their problems or it won’t work. 
  2. Lead Magnet for the Win! People equate wins with successes, and you want to help your ideal customers find success.  Your lead magnet should provide them with a quick win so that they can easily achieve something.
  3. Be Specific. Your opt-in should not address something general but rather focus on something specific; the more specific your lead magnet, the better it will convert leads.
  4. Quick Fix.  Your IFO must offer a quick and painless solution.  PDF checklists are great because they are quick and easy while e-books or lengthy reports could leave your ideal customer completely overwhelmed.
  5. High Value.  Your lead magnet needs to have a high value that the potential customer recognizes as high value.  Remember they are trading their valuable contact information for it.
  6. Instant Gratification. Your lead magnet must be something that can be delivered to your lead immediately.  When someone receives their ‘prize’ right away, they can feel good about giving away their contact information.
  7. Positions You as an Expert. When someone runs through your lead magnet, they should immediately recognize you as an expert in that field.  If your offering demonstrates your unique value proposition (UVP) it will likely convert your visitor into a customer/client later.

Here at Pibworth Professional Solutions, one of our most successful lead magnets is “Top Tips for Creating a Speaker Website that CONVERTS”

This lead magnet does well converting visitors to clients for a variety of reasons:

  1. Solves a Problem:  Visitors abandoning the site without taking action
  2. Lead Magnet for the win:  Promises to convert visitors into leads – that’s always a WIN!
  3. Specific: Specifically Getting website visitors to take action
  4. Quick and Easy: It’s a single page PDF list. Easy Peasy
  5. High Value: Following these 8 tips can increase the productivity of the website
  6. Instantly Available: Signup, download.
  7. Positions us as Experts in our Field: We really know how to convert visitors and this lead magnet proves that!

And THAT is how to create a great lead magnet!

About Lauren Pibworth

Lauren Pibworth is an internet marketing strategist specializing in growing the business of professional speakers. Lauren and her team of graphic designers, web developers and online product and course development and launch specialists work with speakers who want to diversify their revenue streams and move 'beyond the keynote' through smarter marketing solutions, delivered with care.

Lauren (an amateur sommelier) and her husband enjoy fine Ontario wines, great food and travel to exotic, warm destinations where they spend the majority of their time underwater - scuba diving.

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