Increase Your Reach with Video Marketing

Effective Video Marketing has several steps, but Pibworth can make it simple for you.

1.  Initial planning session – Decide what you want your videos to DO for your business. A content-rich thought leader video is great for your YouTube channel or to turn into a blog, but a 'marketing video'  or one where you are overtly selling or an explainer video for your website may not be suitable for this process.

2.  Establish an editorial calendar – Random video topics are not the most effective. Let’s create a series that is in line with your business goals.  Look at your business goals, your marketing plan or your event calendar and plan backward.  Are you launching a new keynote or a book? You want to have established your credibility long before it hits the shelves.

3.  Produce the video – This is you – sharing your best stuff but using all of our tips and tricks to optimize your videos – including a custom script template to follow!

4.  Edit the video – No one says the video needs to be perfect, in fact in many cases an obviously polished video will work against you, but when you have made obvious large stumbles, go ahead and take that out.  Use text or animation within your video to highlight your key points. A talking head is boring, no matter how good looking you are.

5.  Turn the video into a blog post – Use a transcription service like Rev to transcribe your videos, then edit them for flow (very few people speak as well as they write).  Take the transcribed content post as a blog with your video embedded into the blog post.

6.  Publish the video – No point in recording something no one sees! Publish to YouTube for SEO, but I also suggest publishing to Vimeo or another host when publishing to your own website and embedding it into your blog.

7.  Promote the video – Social, newsletter, SO MANY ways…  Upload to your Facebook page, and be sure to feature the video in your feed. LinkedIn loves videos too, and so does Twitter and Instagram - but you will have to edit those ones for length.  Currently, Twitter likes videos 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less, and Instagram likes them 3 to 60 seconds long.  Don't quote me though, that could change tomorrow.

8.  Memes and quote cards – Social loves images almost as much as video. Choose 3-4 great quotes from your transcribed content and create branded quote cards to share on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook (be sure to size the images correctly) Make sure you are visible on all your platforms!

9.  Turn the video into a podcast – It is true! Save your video as a mp3 and submit it to your favourite podcast provider. Have it available for download for those busy professionals on the go. Why not repurpose in every form possible?

10. Publish as an article in online magazines – This is why we create videos with ‘sticky content’. Because the people who are not yet your fans need to see you too!  Some great general article sites are and - but don't stop there.  What online magazines do you read? Where does your target market go for advice?  Submit them there too!

If you are a 'do it yourself' kind of person, I hope you found this valuable

And if you looked at that list and your eyes glazed over, then the best part of this laundry list of tasks is that you are only responsible for #3, and we can help you there too!


Initial Planning Session

Every video marketing package starts with an initial planning session and a review of your existing social media properties and various marketing avenues you currently use - and we will recommend some new ones as well.


Record your video

Remember to keep it helpful and content packed - and upload it to our private servers


Then every month, we do the rest.

Choose the frequency of your videos, 1-8 videos per month can be released - fully optimized and ready to make the maximum impact.


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