We don't like to brag, so we let our clients do it for us!

Client Praise

Here is what a few of our clients have to say about working with PibworthPS.

Susan Luke Evans


Lauren Pibworth is a consummate professional who knows both the art and craft of website design, marketing, and all that it takes to support those of us who don’t possess the same gifts and talents that Lauren brings to the table.  She is an exceptionally good listener and “translator” of my thoughts and ideas, which allows me to then benefit from her expertise and end up with a professional website that looks and sounds like me (& not everyone else)!  As to ongoing support and assistance, she’s always there to question, counsel, and then follow through with whatever needs to be done.  In my experience Lauren always takes into consideration the person and personality of her clients.  That is a gift that many do not have, and the results are always amazing.  You can’t go wrong working with Lauren - she’s the BEST!!

Susan Luke Evans, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

Client since 2017

Keith Richards


I want to go on record to say that I have been very happy in the work your team does for me. Beyond the excellent job on the website (for which I have received compliments) and the blog, and other work—I really appreciate the little extra favours you guys do for me such as yesterday’s PowerPoint fix. Sure, these little things aren’t money-makers to you, but to me – when you help me out by doing little extras, you show me that you are willing to go above and beyond to make me happy in our relationship. And I know this wasn’t the first time you’ve helped me out in an ‘emergency’ situation – and I appreciate it and want to acknowledge it. I also try to act in this way for my clients. A long time ago, I learned that truly successful people always try to go beyond what the client expects.

I am usually hesitant to give my trust to someone in business (it can be a dog-eat-dog world!) but I do feel I can trust you to work in a fair and client-first way—as your team has demonstrated you do so well.

Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference if needed.

Keith Richards, ValueTrend

Financial Analyst, Speaker
Client since 2008



I reached out to Lauren because I was in the process of creating a new corporate website and wanted her opinion on certain elements of it. I had seen the work that she did for my other colleagues and was very impressed and felt that I could use a second opinion. Not only did she provide a deep, insightful and very relevant analysis, including what I needed to do to make it more impactful -- and better reflect my company, my brand and myself -- but she also took the time to get to know me and my business, understand my challenges, and suggest other business-building options that were a good fit for me. I must also mention that throughout all this, I wasn't actually her client yet...she was sharing her time and expertise freely, because she genuinely wanted to help, with no ulterior motive or sales pitch attached. Although after our conversation, I can certainly see us working together in the future. She's personable, professional, funny, a pleasure to talk to (and learn from), and very, very good at what she does.

Suzannah Baum

Presentation Sales Coach and Keynote speaker

Clare Kumar


I was looking for a marketing-savvy team to help create a new website around my rebrand into Productivity Coaching and Speaking for busy professionals. Having met Lauren through an association to which we both belong, I knew she was consistently warm, caring and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with her designer, Caley. Even though we never met in person, communication was fluid and seemed effortless. I knew a lot of what I wanted, and Lauren and her team not only made it happen but made it better. 

Clare Kumar

Productivity Catalyst, Speaker and Consultant
Client since 2017

Carolyn Schur


With Lauren and her team, I feel like I have a back room office for all things website, social media, marketing and online learning. Whatever the task the response is 'Yes. We can do that.' They have professionally and efficiently helped me achieve my goals over the course of the last year.

Carolyn Schur

Professional Speaker, Online course creator
Client since 2019

Sarah McVanel


Lauren truly is service oriented. A positive voice of calm, a strategic marketing visionary, a dedicated provider of value, Lauren is committed to her clients' success 100% of the time.

Sarah McVanel, MSc, CSP, PCC, CHRL, CSODP

Keynote Speaker, Coach
Client since 2016

Bob Gray, smiling happy customer


Working with Lauren and her team was so easy!

My website was on its last legs, but I still really liked the design.  Lauren worked with me to recreate my existing website – but with all the up-to-date features and requirements of a modern website. 

And the whole project was virtually painless and completed in a matter of weeks.

Bob Gray,

CSP, Hall of Fame, International Keynote Speakerr
Client since 2022



After completing the process of rebranding my company, it became apparent that I needed a new website to match the new identity. In my mind’s eye I pictured what I wanted yet had no idea how to make it a reality. That’s where Pibworth Professional Solutions came to the rescue. Lauren and her team proficiently executed exactly what I had in mind plus went the extra step in making my website actually come alive as part of my business identity.

Once this project was completed, Lauren and her team became part of my “staff.” Although, after getting to know one another so well, they became my friends too.

Outsourcing detailed work that I either cannot do or don’t have time to do is a huge time-saver. The expertise, creativity and support that PPS offers is superb. With their assistance, I can now focus on growing my business into the success I envision. I am so pleased with the results that Pibworth Professional Solutions provides, and I highly recommend them to help you and your company look and be your best!

Barbara B. Appelbaum, ACC, MBA, MAT

Wellness Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker
Client since 201

Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP


The PibworthPS team built my new custom website (which I am happy to say has been instrumental in producing increased bookings).  I have received several positive comments on the design of this new website, and I was impressed by how responsive they were to my ideas and needs.

I have found Lauren to be a pleasure work with as a client, and a fellow board member.

Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP

Professional Speaker
Client since 2017

Susan Hanson


I have been working with Lauren and her team at Pibworth Professional solutions since early 2019. She and her team are truly there to support my success. They will pivot and adapt to whatever I need, and this is important to me during our projects.

Together we have launched numerous projects including an online course, a membership site and a completely custom affiliate program.  I have several businesses running, and I rely on Lauren for strategy and professional advice in this area of my business, which is the foundation of my business processes – and I am very happy with the outcome of implementing those strategic plans with her team. 

I find Pibworth to be kind, knowledgeable, reliable and I am confident to leave the marketing and tech side of my business in their hands.

Susan Hanson

Speaker, Online Course Creator

Linda Edgecombe


Lauren and her team jumped in immediately when we had issues with our previous providers.  They ‘fixed’ a broken membership site and sales funnel – and built a second membership site which we now sell as an addon in our keynotes.

We have found them to be responsive, and easy to work with.

Linda Edgecombe, CSP

Client since 2017



Lauren provided a training program for my group of thousands of public speakers on the topic of "How to Create a Speaker's Website That Books." Her excellent content and presentation of the material were only surpassed by her sincere compassion and care for the speaker’s personal success. I highly recommend her to you!

Marnie Swedberg

Speaker and Trainer



Lauren knows what speakers need. I needed to have a fresh new look and branding for my website. We worked together to create a brand-new look and I'm thrilled about it. Lauren is easy to work with and delivers on time. I highly recommend her.

Dale Choquette, CPP, DTM



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