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The Complete Marketing Package for your Speaking Business.

Front-of-the-line access to your personal Marketing Strategist PLUS a fully trained, full-time marketing team for a fraction of full-time marketing salaries.

Is this you?

You manage a large portion of your business online but your products and courses are just not generating the revenue you want them to - let alone the ‘passive’ income everyone talks about.

You have a good annual revenue, and want to keep more of that revenue for yourself while still maintaining your sanity and quality of life.

You don’t want to be involved in the day to day details of ‘how’ your marketing happens anymore - you just want to see the results.

You want to spend more time on the things that fuel your passion and that you are really great at and less on those things that steal your joy and take you away from your family, friends and leisure. You spend enough time away from those things that matter so much, already.

You have tried to piecemeal the supports and services that you need - but now you feel like you are spending as much time managing a team as you did doing the work yourself.

You are working so hard but you don't feel like you have the brand or business growth you deserve - or even the paycheque you have earned.

For a seasoned pro speaker or thought leader, often an amazing message, delivered with power and style simply isn’t enough to keep your calendar full and give you the quality of life you deserve. 

Want to spend more time speaking and less time behind a desk?

Want to add additional revenue sources to your successful speaking business?

Pibworth PS is Great at This!

You are an amazing, successful, seasoned pro speaker. Now let’s get your business to that same level. Your business is booming but you want more. It is time to build a legacy business and diversify your revenue streams. Like most speakers, your brilliance lies within your message and your passionate delivery of that message.

But instead, here you are caught up in the minutiae of running a speaking business, launching programs, generating leads, and an unending list of tasks that seemingly pile up, instead of speaking. It can feel completely overwhelming.

Let us work ON your business, and allow you to get back into it!

You need a team of marketing professionals on your side led by a marketing strategist who understands the speaking business inside out. You need someone who can help you create and then implement your vision.

Vision without execution is just a goal. We help our clients exceed even their own expectations.

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The right branding and messaging delivered with consistency is the key to an effective marketing strategy.

What's your plan for making that happen?

Fill out the application below and we will discuss what support you need. We will build a program that fits your business needs.


Are you taking advantage of your website's full potential?

You've got the marketing that is driving more visitor to your site every day, but are you really taking advantage of all the juicy potential these visitors are bringing each time they find you?