Great News about Quizzes and Audits for Lead Generation!

In a previous post series from 2019, and in several presentations across the speaker community, I have been praising the amazing results my clients (and others) have been experiencing when they use quizzes for lead generation. The good news is, quizzes remain one of the top lead-generation tools in 2022 and I expect them to remain strong for 2023 and beyond. Our customers are still enamoured with the quiz and ‘finding out something’ about themselves, or about their businesses.

But the GREAT NEWS about quizzes for lead generation is…

Quizzes for Lead Generation

Thrive Suite’s Quiz Builder is now compatible with any ‘reputable’ theme written to WordPress codex standards. This is HUGE.

“Why?”, you ask? Well because this amazing WordPress-based quiz builder offers ALL the benefits of some of the higher-priced stand-alone alternatives at a fraction of their cost. I have been recommending stand-alone products for $37 – $55 per month – but Thrive is only $19 AND it has everything…

Here’s the ‘Cole’s Notes’ version of the Thrive Quiz Builder

  • Great Looking Quizzes – really stylish-looking quizzes with multiple question types.
  • Four types of quizzes – number-based results, percentage-based results, personality (the results are shown as a category) and right/wrong (results show the number of correct answers)
  • Mobile friendly – no special coding to make your quiz look great on any device
  • Branching logic – (if this – then that) allows you to ask a different question based on the previous answer.
  • Advanced options to promote social sharing including badges.
  • Segment the responses according to interest and send targeted marketing content based on what your customers tell you they want to know.
  • A/B testing – test the same quiz with multiple looks and layouts to see what your prospects prefer.
  • A full suite of analytics – more than you’d likely ever use.
  • Dynamic results – different results pages based on the quiz answers
  • Choice of forced opt-in. Gain trust with your followers by giving them the quiz answer without demanding their email. Give them a taste, then the option to opt-in to learn more. That gives you a MUCH more engaged list.
  • Master quiz dashboard provides a top-level look at all of your quizzes
  • Integrates with multiple email marketing platforms

Ok I know I am ‘geeking out’ here a little – but honestly, $19 per month is a fantastic value just for the quiz builder. But wait – there’s more…

This theme offers a suite of add ons included in that $19 per month, so you get so much more than just quizzes for lead generation. You also gain access to a multitude of other add ons.

But here’s the fine print.

While I personally LOVE the Quiz Builder, the Online Course builder, and the Form Builder, I do not love their Page Builder. Hey, it is a matter of personal preference and I find the page builder clunky and I think Beaver Builder, the page builder we use to build our client’s websites, is much simpler to work with for those clients who choose to maintain their own sites.

Note – the links in this post have been updated to include an affiliate link, but I have been recommending it LONG before I got the link 😉

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