What quiz style should I use for my speaking business?

There are many types of quizzes you can create for your speaking business, but let’s focus on the four main quiz styles.

The Personality Quiz:

The most popular quiz to use as a lead magnet because it brings the ‘fun factor’. Right now, it seems everyone wants to know their personality type, or their celebrity style, what their brand colours say about them, or what kind of potato they are.

personality quiz style

Personality Quizzes quiz categorize individuals into groups based on their answers. The results of these quizzes are carefully crafted to give the business owner insights into the respondents and can provide valuable information on how to then market to them in the future.

Depending on the quiz platform that you use, you can also use your questions to craft dynamic content (personalized results that include key concepts generated by their answers) and to add tags to your prospects for each personality type.

The Knowledge Test:

This quiz-style also works well as a lead magnet, but it is usually more focused, so it requires a very specific target audience. This type of quiz tests the knowledge of an individual and gives results based on their score.  For instance, a “How much do you really know about blogging?” quiz could help you segment your list based on different knowledge levels, and then provide follow-up content customized to their experience.  However, it assumes that everyone taking the quiz is interested in blogging.

knowledge test quiz style

If you have a new blogging training program rolling out in the next 6 months, this quiz could be a goldmine of information, telling you not only about marketing your product, but potentially giving you insights into adding or removing elements of your training program.  That said, lead magnet quizzes are short and fun, so the insights you would gain in your lead magnet version would be minimal.

Where knowledge tests can also shine is within your existing list.  A knowledge test can ‘act’ like a survey, gaining insights from your current clients – but without the “asking for something” vibe.

The Recommender:

This type of quiz recommends products. The customers answer a series of multiple-choice questions and are led to a specific product that matches their needs. It is especially useful in helping customers self-select more in-depth products with multiple differentiators.

recommender quiz style

I have seen product recommender used as a lead magnet but sometimes with poor results.  Remember, a lead magnet implies that you are gathering cold leads. People are subscribing who do not yet know you. As a speaker, building relationships is even more important because what you are selling is you (and obviously the results you bring to an organization). It is almost never a good idea to jump right into selling (or recommending products) when you have no previously established connection.

The Risk Assessment:

How vulnerable are you? The risk assessment helps your customers discover what their current risk exposure is based on their current business practices. For the more fact-oriented corporations and businesses out there that do not respond to the personality type quizzes, a risk assessment can be a good option. They are great for exposing and capitalizing on a pressing issue.

risk assessment quiz style

You can absolutely use risk assessment as a lead magnet, but copywriting has to be very strategic. Remember, leads do not know you, so you have just pointed out a potential flaw to a stranger. How would that make you feel? 

Chances are the prospect is now in a state of doubt or worry (to a point) AND you have not yet earned the right to sell to them, so following up with a huge value item for free is your best way of gaining trust and leading them gently into a sale. 

Risk assessments also give you key information to craft a custom follow-up campaign.

Which quiz style is best for your business?

The short answer is potentially all of them. Each has a specific use and outcome and can be integrated into your business depending on your goals.

If your goal is a simple, fun lead magnet, my top pick is the personality assessment and that is the topic of the next few blogs.

Catch up in the blog series starting with Quizzes, Polls and Surveys, or move forward with Creating a Quiz for your Lead Magnet


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