Quiz Examples

So much can be done with a simple quiz, assessment, audit or survey

B2B Assessments

Test Your Influence

Our client, Shelle Rose Charvet leverages a very robust quiz to help showcase and map the differences in how we react to circumstances through our language and behaviour. This completely custom quiz has tags assigned at every level to show a unique outcome depending on the answer to every single question.
After the quiz is taken, those who opt in are placed in a complex funnel built using Kartra and Webinar Jam.  This is lead generation at the highest level.

Juicy Workplace Audit

Sarah has been a client for a LONG time, so naturally when she wanted a new lead magnet for her website - we were happy to oblige.

This B2B focused Workplace Audit works in 2 ways - it helps the prospect get information on their workplace culture - and it also gives them an opportunity to select if they want resources, or to hire Sarah to speak. She is able to sort her opt-ins by desire and serve everyone while jumping on the hot leads immediately.

Identify Your Cognitive Capacity

John Edwards, uses this quiz to grow his email list and serve his leadership clients. He has a second quiz that we also built that he uses exclusively with his corporate teams. Quizzes do not ONLY have to be used as a lead magnet. Sometimes they can be sold along with your training programs.

What kind of Goal Setter are You

For Michelle, we built this simple B2C quiz for her to use as she delivers her keynotes. We incorporated her Zoho account and built an email sequence that does a great job of introducing her audiences to the wide variety of entry offers she has to support them in their journey to becoming raving fans.

12 Dominant Archetypes

As the main lead generation mechanism for SIVA Marketing, this quiz used fairly basic coding to give prospects an insight into their brand archetype.  We worked with Sabrina to create 3 separate quizzes, each for use for a different lead generation funnel.

Team Alignment

The second of 3 quizzes we built for SIVA Marketing as a part of their new website initiative. This one focuses in on how a company's team is aligned with their brand. Sabrina uses the 'opt in before you take the quiz' method.

Workplace Culture Assessment

Carol Ring created this Assessment quiz which suits her C-Suite B2B clients much better than the more 'fun focused' styles.  When you design your quizzes - and all your marketing - always remember your target audience and your brand.

Sink, Swim or Shift with the Fortlog Advantage

John Robertson's main goal in his business is to help leaders 'think differently about their thinking'.  In other words, change their perspectives and learn to think and react differently to the crises around them.

Product Recommenders

Effective Feedback self assessment

This is one of 5 self assessment quizzes on Merge Gupta-Sunderji's site that act as product recommenders.  You take the assessment and it directs you to one of her online products.  These were written by Merge and reworked into a modern format by PibworthPS.

SpeakerFlow Quiz

We built this quiz for fellow convention partner, SpeakerFlow to help them qualify their leads at the CAPS 2021 convention.  This is a good example of a recommender quiz that guides prospects to self select the packages that suits their needs.

B2C Quizzes

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Quiz

This quiz is a very high performing lead magnet with a whopping 13% click rate - and an 84% opt in rate. PibworthPS wrote the quiz copy and the outcome screens - and Clare is so happy with the result. This was designed for HSP awareness, and to invite participants to join her groups.  No sales at all in this model.

What's Your Play style?

Brandi Heather created this VERY simple, but effective quiz that she uses onstage during her speaking engagements, as well as part of her lead generation. One question, when used correctly, can have a powerful impact.

Engagement and Information Gathering

CAPS engagement quiz

Sometimes quizzes are used as engagement tools. This quiz was created for the CAPS National convention in 2021 as fun way to add a sense of accomplishment to an intensely competitive audience - but also to help highlight the main stage speakers and the sponsors.

Creating a Lead Magnet Assessement

Assessments like this are a great way to gauge your audience's knowledge on a subject, and build your presentations  around what THEY want to know. We created this simple assessment tool and used the answers to shape the content in my presentation. I was able to offer 'real life' answers to questions participants asked and to focus the content in my rapid-fire 20 minutes session.


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