Top Tips to Promote your Website Launch for Professional Speakers

For professional speakers, having a strong online presence is crucial to establish their brand and connecting with their audience. Launching a new website is an important step towards achieving this goal. Here are some tips on how professional speakers can effectively promote their new website launch:

1.  Add an announcement line to your email signature. 

It may feel like a ‘no brainer’ – but this first and easiest step is the most overlooked.  Highlight the web address in a new colour and invite your email recipients to check it out.

2.  Utilize Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for professional speakers to connect with their audience and ensure a successful website launch.  Chances are you are already leveraging social media in your everyday promotion, but pre-launch you can generate hype and talk about the launch day (much, in the same way, you would generate buzz around your new book).

Use hashtags and tag relevant individuals or organizations to increase your reach. Share snippets of your speaking engagements, have followers vote on the photography you are going to use, and share screenshots of ‘really cool elements’ to generate interest in your website and brand. 

3.  Leverage Your Email List

Professional speakers often have a large email list of past clients, event organizers, and interested individuals. Utilize this list to promote your website launch. Send a dedicated email with a clear call to action to visit your website. Offer a special promotion or give away an eBook or other free gift to incentivize visitors to explore your website.  In fact – see point 4  😉

 4.  Hold an ‘easter egg hunt’. 

“Hide” images or keywords in your site during your launch period, that when clicked will download items of value for the people visiting your site.  Tie it to your list-building activities.

5. Leverage your high-value opt-in

You would not launch a website without a new lead-generating mechanism – so show it off right off the bat.  Share your lead gen pages as an incentive to attract visitors to continue to explore your site: two birds, one gift.  

6.  Optimize for SEO

Professional speakers should optimize their websites for search engines to attract organic traffic.  Now – this should have been done during the build, but still.  Use keywords related to your niche and optimize your website structure and content. Include testimonials from past clients and speaking engagements to establish credibility.

7.  Partner with Industry Influencers

Partnering with influencers in your industry or niche can help promote your website launch to a larger audience. Identify individuals with large followings who align with your brand and collaborate on a social media campaign or sponsored post.

8.  Partner with Other Speakers

Partnering with other professional speakers in your niche or industry can help you reach a wider audience and promote your website launch. Collaborate on a social media campaign, co-author a blog post, or host a joint webinar to promote each other’s website.

9.  Host a Launch Event

Professional speakers can host a launch event to generate excitement and buzz around their new website. Invite industry leaders, event organizers, and past clients to attend. Offer refreshments and entertainment to create a memorable experience. Use the event to promote your website launch and your brand.

10.  Utilize Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on relevant industry websites or blogs can help you establish credibility and promote your website launch to a new audience. Include a link to your website in your author bio to drive traffic to your website.

11.  Be a Podcast Guest

Being a guest on a podcast related to your niche or industry can help you reach a new audience and promote your website launch. Identify podcasts that align with your brand and expertise and contact the hosts to pitch yourself as a guest. Share your website link in the podcast episode description or show notes to drive traffic to your website.

And here’s one more tip to promote your website launch I bet you never thought of…

Interview Your Web Designer

I don’t mean it to only sound self serving, but…

Why not interview your brand strategist and web designer?

If you have worked with a company that specializes in speaker marketing as Pibworth does, then chances are they will have a large following of their own – AND they will really have a clear understanding of your brand and your goals.  Filming a short interview or podcast with them can offer your customers, and theirs, insights into your brand (and opportunities to showcase your expertise) in a way that you might feel uncomfortable doing yourself.

Think about how excited the Pibworth Team is when we launch your site. Our enthusiasm for You carries weight and gives us both a reason to talk about the intricacies of your why, your brand, and your service promise in a way that is not self-promoting, but simply opening the curtain to reveal the ‘real you’ behind the brand.  It becomes a conversation steeped in celebration – not a boast session.

It goes without saying, but apparently, I am going to say it anyway. DOING all of these things is great – but you have got to get eyeballs on what you do.  So, share your content EVERYWHERE

And honestly, this is just the start.  My quick ideas.  What have YOU done lately to promote your new website?  I’d love to update my list!

About Lauren Pibworth

Lauren Pibworth is an internet marketing strategist specializing in growing the business of professional speakers. Lauren and her team of graphic designers, web developers and online product and course development and launch specialists work with speakers who want to diversify their revenue streams and move 'beyond the keynote' through smarter marketing solutions, delivered with care.

Lauren (an amateur sommelier) and her husband enjoy fine Ontario wines, great food and travel to exotic, warm destinations where they spend the majority of their time underwater - scuba diving.

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