Perils of Running a Business in Summer

Ahh Summer!  Blue skies, warm days, cool nights.  The sunshine beckons, it says ‘come, bask in my glow”. Beaches, BBQ’s, parties, kids out of school – so many things that can take our attention away from the prize. THAT is the reality of many of our businesses in summer.

After all, business in summer is slow for ‘everyone’.  Enjoy it!

Especially after the winter those of us in North America had, it is so easy to let down our guard and say ‘to heck with it – I’m gonna enjoy myself”.  And I admit it – I am guilty here as well. I WANT to go outside and play SOOOO badly. And for too many days in June and early July – I did just that. But now it is time to stop and refocus or ‘business in summer’ might mean we are out of business by fall.

“But, I have very little client work to do, so why not just enjoy it?” you say? Here is why. You are a business owner. That means you have a responsibility to your business. You have a responsibility to treat it well, and just dropping it for the summer is not treating it well. Maybe your business is not feeding you right now – but, like any living thing, it still needs to be fed.

If summer is a time when work IN your business slows – it must be a time when work ON your business grows.

summer does not mean closed for business (3)

The summer business slowdown is the perfect opportunity to do some work on how your business will look in the coming months. It is the exact right time to come up with a new product, to write that kick-butt signature story, to plan your marketing for the coming fall when business picks up again. Because, you KNOW that when you start to get busy with gigs and client work, all these things will get pushed to the bottom of the pile yet again. Don’t wait!  Do it!  Do it NOW!  (ok, read that in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice – I dare you!)

I am not saying that you need to keep your nose to the same grindstone it is always on during your busy months, please do give yourself time to heal that nose. You need it to smell the roses of success you have worked so hard to cultivate. But keep your eyes open to the needs of your business. Heck, I wrote a blog series while laying on a beach… What can you do while you take part in your favourite summer activity?

If summer is a time when work IN your business slows - it must be a time when work ON your business grows. Click To Tweet

Not sure what working ON your business means? Here are some potential projects for you.

  • Write that book
  • Re-vamp your website
  • Get your financials in order
  • Document your systems and processes so you can delegate when the busy time returns
  • Get more training (voice, body and positioning, writing, coaching – whatever you need)
  • Refine your talk
  • Build a database of potential target clients
  • Set up a CRM program
  • Create a new signature product
  • Write your business and marketing plans
  • Plan a year’s worth of blog topics (it;s not as hard as you think)
  • Write job descriptions for new people you want to hire
  • Read those journals and industry specific books that are piling up on your bookshelf

The list is endless is, I know.  Choose one.  Do it.  Choose another.  You don’t have to eat the elephant all at once, but you DO have to take that first bite.

Cheers to a fun AND productive summer!

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Lauren (an amateur sommelier) and her husband enjoy fine Ontario wines, great food and travel to exotic, warm destinations where they spend the majority of their time underwater - scuba diving.

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