Want more money in your business with relatively little work and upkeep?

Of course – who doesn’t?

And that is why membership sites and groups are so hot right now.

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Everyone says...

“Build a membership site!”

"Start a group!"

“You need to generate ‘passive' revenue.”

“You can make so much more money.”

But what they don’t say is that the money, the fulfillment and, the client engagement only comes with a successful membership site.

Here's what they don't tell you...

  • They don’t mention the investment of time and money that goes into building this ‘passive' product.
  • Even passive income requires some management.
  • They don't say that the first step is figuring out if what you are selling is of any value to your clients.
  • And they don’t mention that you are going to have SO many more hassles if you don’t have a plan in place first.

So what does that mean for you?

In the old days, we’d start by creating the product we are going to sell and then marketing it.

But if the product never took off we wasted all our time building something no one wanted.

So, we started marketing and selling before we ever built the program. It seemed like a good idea from a financial perspective, but we soon realized that because we often didn’t fully understand how everything would work, we sold was not always what we created. We got frazzled, our brand and our reputation suffered, and customers were unhappy.

Where is the middle ground between “build it and they will come” and “sell what doesn’t yet exist”?
It’s all in the plan.

Let us put together the basics of how your membership site or group program needs to run, then we will build a site that will work best for you AND your clients.


Want to skip the confusion and pain and build a membership site or group that works?

CAPS Members Schedule Your FREE 30 Minute Consult Call


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