marketing spirit animal, wolf

marketing spirit animal, wolf

Wolves are strong, beautiful animals. They are fierce when necessary to hunt and protect, but they are also smart, loving and playful.

While lone wolves prefer to work, act, or live alone and seem to survive, they tend to hunt smaller game and live off small animals such as rodents due to the fact that they have to hunt on their own.

Wolves are made to live and travel in packs. Living in a pack not only facilitates the raising and feeding of pups, coordinated and collaborative hunting of larger game, and the defense of territory, it also allows for the formation of many unique emotional bonds between pack members, the foundation for cooperative living. Wolves care for each other as individuals.

In business terms, doing it yourself all the time or hiring out bits and pieces of your marketing is not always the better way. While your ‘lone wolf style’ may be bringing you success now – the possibilities really open up when you bring in pack members with whom you form a bond of trust and friendship. You may benefit from having a strong marketing team to support you in your hunt for business growth.

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