Your Legacy, Motivational Goal or Dangerous Trap?

legacyI have been thinking about the concept of ‘leaving a legacy’ lately. As Pibworth gets busier and keeps growing, I find myself thinking long term succession planning.  How do I manage growth?  Who will take over when I am gone?  All those things enter my mind. I also feel the worldly pressure of “leaving my mark on this world” and how Pibworth will be remembered. Will I ever be the next Apple or be a recognized leader in marketing or have my name whispered in awe in a room full of speakers?  Will I ever be a million dollar business?  Will I ever reach whatever ‘success’ loos like?  How will I know when I’ve ‘made it’?

For sure I do not want to fade away and to have never made a difference. I don’t have children, so isn’t my business my measurement of success and impact? Is that really important to me? Is my legacy ‘about me’ and my ego, or is it about how well I have served? Personally I say no to it being about me. My business, its financial success or its longevity in itself can’t be used as a measurement tool for success, just as the bathroom scale can never be a true measurement for beauty, worth or heart.

In my mind, my legacy will be the lives I have touched in a positive way. The smiles I have shared, the hope, the peace, the joy. And in this world I may never know of my impact, but I know with all my heart that I will stand before my Lord and give an account of my life. That is the legacy I strive for. Not one that hinges on money, or success or pride or in ‘being known’.

Just my two cents.

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About Lauren Pibworth

Lauren Pibworth is an internet marketing strategist specializing in growing the business of professional speakers. Lauren and her team of graphic designers, web developers and online product and course development and launch specialists work with speakers who want to diversify their revenue streams and move 'beyond the keynote' through smarter marketing solutions, delivered with care.

Lauren (an amateur sommelier) and her husband enjoy fine Ontario wines, great food and travel to exotic, warm destinations where they spend the majority of their time underwater - scuba diving.

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