Lead Generating Quizzes and Going Viral

We have learned a lot about creating quizzes in this series. We talked about the difference between polls surveys and quizzes, the four main quiz styles and we learned how to create a quiz for your own speaking business, but there are still a few general guidelines that we always have to remember.

Lead Generating Quizzes and Going Viral
  • Give participants an option to get their quiz answers without having to provide their email address. It is just good manners. But at the same time include compelling sales copy and great value on the results page to entice the prospect to opt-in to receive more. NOTE – THIS IS A CONTROVERSIAL OPINION – SEE MY BONUS POST TO LEARN WHY
  • Incentivize your quiz.  While sometimes the quiz itself is incentive enough, it is always a good idea to offer some kind of value at the end to encourage opt-ins. 
  • Always be honest about your marketing strategy.  If you are adding them to your newsletter, say so.
  • Never forget a call to action. Join your list, download your free offer… Whatever the next stage in your marketing funnel, don’t forget to provide a ‘what’s next’ call to action for your prospects
  • It is always a good idea to have Facebook and LinkedIn tracking pixels installed on your website, and in your quizzes. You never know when you are going to want to create a product to market, and having a ready-made audience that you can use as-is, or you can use to create a lookalike audience will save you TONNES of time and money. 
  • Follow up!  Don’t leave your audience hanging. Create an email sequence specific to that audience and those quiz results.

A bit on “Going Viral”

I can’t promise you your lead generating quizzes will go viral.  No one can (or at least, they shouldn’t), but I can give you some tips that we use on every quiz we create that makes them more likely to take off!

  1. Have a ‘share now’ option!
  2. Know your audience – and stay in your brand’s character
  3. Your results titles should be “share-friendly”. Even if they scored badly, the results need to be phrased in such a way that they still feel good about themselves and want to share their results online. 
  4. Pictures – photos are key on the results pages again as well.  Use pics of people (or animals)
  5. Descriptions – keep the fun and creativity going.
  6. Personalized Links – use the word” my” or “your” link to opt-in. The more personal it feels, the higher the opt-in rate.
  7. Add it to Facebook as a tab or pin it to the top of your page. Don’t make finding your quiz hard, and remember how quickly your content disappears
  8. Don’t stick to one social platform. Share that all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- but consider writing a ‘similar but different’ quiz for LinkedIn. My research shows that, depending on your brand, the ‘fun’ aspect is not always as appreciated on LinkedIn.
  9. Embed the quiz in related blog posts and pages. Keep it in the sidebar or try an Ad Inserter plugin and have it appear randomly down the page.
  10. Write an article that hits on the subject of your quiz and publish it to LinkedIn articles, submit it to article publication sites.

And remember – talk is cheap. Paid advertising will almost always be more likely to get more attention. Facebook and Instagram LOVE lead generating quizzes. But don’t just ‘boost’ your post. If you really want to grow your list on a massive scale, invest in a Facebook Ad campaign using the quiz. (assuming of course that your target clients are ON Facebook. ;-)

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