Great Speaker Websites

John's website is a great example of hitting the mark in terms of accessibility. This 'next gen' website scored a remarkable 100% when run through accessibility testing for colour contract, web speed, development and overall user experience. Just goes to show you that 'simple' is the new black.

You just have to love branding challenges! What happens when you mix one of the few female professional ironworkers and a high-energy speaker?  You get rockstar Jamie McMillan!
Our role in this site was all-encompassing - from logo and branding to copywriting and overall web design.  I am so excited to watch her career explode.

John came to PibworthPS through the National Speaker's Association for a branding and positioning refresh, but also for a bird's eye view on his business.  Yes we built him a stunning new website that exceeds Google's Accessibility Standards and all the other new guidelines for next generation websites, and we also helped him build his email list with some innovative follow up techniques post his book sales, and we are helping him map out better systems to keep his referrals flowing!

Occasionally we are given the opportunity to give back to those who bless us.  When my church needed a new website because their previous provider was no longer offering the service, Lauren stepped in and donated this new website, complete with hosting and updates.
This website has a calendar and registration component, as well as a members-only portal where we house our directory, meeting minutes and more.

Occasionally websites are a combined effort. We worked with Sabrina's design team to bring their beautiful design to life in this complex bi-lingual website that incorporates movement, multiple quizzes, and more. Coming soon is the online course and membership side of the site.

Bob called PibworthPS for some simple updating as his website was no longer responding. It didn't take long for us both to realize that a site that had barely been touched in 5 years needed a bit of TLC on the back end.  Bob loved his design, but the theme it was built on was no longer supported, so we simply recreated his site on a stable platform.  Easy peasy!

We are more than just great speaker websites. 

If you are enjoying these examples, check out some of the lead-generating quizzes we have built to go along with them!

Todd's plan is to really focus in on training large groups, and on DISC.  He wanted his website built on Kartra, rather than on WordPress so he could leverage all of Kartra's built in tools. We are still 'in progress' here as we are also building some great online courses and membership areas.

Brandi met Lauren at the 2022 CAPS convention in Calgary and immediately knew that her team would be the one to create the messaging that her existing Wix website needed. We re-wrote her topics, and positioning and created a great new one sheet and opt-in for her as well.

We helped Julie set up her revised website in 2017 and when she wanted to incorporate a membership site with live training and online courses into the mix - she knew exactly who to turn to.

When Canada's Cheese Ambassador, David Beaudoin contacted Lauren for a brand and website there was no stopping this former sommelier. David is a professional speaker who hosts awesome events and entertains and educates his audience on Canadian cheese - and of course, wine.

Being a productivity catalyst and self proclaimed Highly Sensitive Person, it makes perfect sense that Clare is a stickler for detail and knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish when we sat down to plan her new brand and website.  We have also built several courses and lead generation components using Kartra.

Lindsay is a member of the CAPS Quebec chapter, and hers is the first fully bilingual site we have created.  Lindsay chose the Royal Treatment with a full brand overhaul complete with messaging, copy and visuals, as well as a new website, PowerPoint slide deck, and various other newly designed and re-written documents.

Lewis worked with the Pibworth team to rework his existing logo and brand and build a new website that showcased his style and humour when presenting on what can be perceived as a very dry subject. We also recreated many of his PowerPoint presentation visuals.

Kanchan came to us not only for a new website - but also for the brand copy that would help her explain the difference between a 'woman of colour' and a 'woman of culture' to her target clients. As a speaker, coach and consultant - she was looking for that perfect balance.

Beverly is an outstanding speaker in the Health and Wellness sector and we have served together for many years on the board for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Beverly wanted a completely new look and focus, and that is exactly what we gave her!

Laurie is a Customer Service Trainer, as well as a Kindness Expert. (I know, cool eh?) We created Laurie's brand from scratch including logo, website, messaging - the works.

We are more than just great speaker websites. 

If you are enjoying these examples, check out some of the lead-generating quizzes we have built to go along with them!

Carolyn Schur came to us because, like so many of our clients, she had an abundance of content and wanted to find a way to monetize it.  We are currently in the process of building a multi layered course and membership plan that will attract her key target clients AND allow her to reduce her traveling when speaking and delivering her live training.

Merge Gupta-Sunderji is a fellow member of CAPS and she came to us with a site that was managed elsewhere and she had no access to, and very little control over. She needed a whole new look, and a WordPress site that was build simply so she could access it herself when needed.  Merge works with us on an ongoing basis and we are happy to be a part of her marketing team.

Erica is a speaker and trainer in the luxury hospitality sector and she came to us fairly early in the 2020 pandemic with an obvious issue. Her clients were closed and her business was dead. We helped her re-envision her business and her offerings, and revamped her site so she could continue to shine and still be the trusted source her clients needed - online and offline.

Dr. Kerri serves as an inspiration to women everywhere with her "Diet Rebellion" mentality.  She teaches women to love their bodies through intuitive eating and movement - simply celebrating what they can do, rather than hating how they look.  Kerri is a naturopathic doctor as well as a workshop leader and online course creator.

Keith Richards (no, not that one) has been a Pibworth client for over 13 years.  In 2020, we completed a complete website overhaul. We also manage his SmartBounce blog and edit and produce his YouTube channel and video page, Smart Money Dumb Money.  Keith considers us his marketing arm for all aspects of his business.

Pibworth works with many strategic partners to best serve our clients, and one or our most referred is Kristi Pavlik of Adonai. Kristi's company specializes in system and organizational development and we use her services for all our long-term clients when we document their marketing systems. For Kristi's website, we provided branding, copy writing and web design.

Carol is another longtime CAPS member and Pibworth client. Her latest website re-do has allowed her to focus more on the consulting and coaching sides of her business, rather than solely on her speaking.  We helped Carol work through writing her own copy and provided the strategy and design elements she needed.

Yes, we work with speakers and trainers of ALL kinds – even dog trainers!  Julie has been a client with Pibworth since 2008 and we recently redesigned and re-launched her website.  We are also in the development of the new virtual Canine Academy a robust online learning center offering live and pre-recorded programs for clients around the country.

Carol needed a new message and a bold new brand, but did not want to step away from her colours.  We created the Brave Institute using her corporate colours, but with stronger, braver fonts and photos.

Mark is a leadership expert who found us online, and dove right in. He has been a client for almost 5 years now.

Barbara Appelbaum is a health and wellness coach. We had great fun with her site as she is also an ‘artist’. When it comes to design and planning a site, we were able to pull the vision out of her head, and turn it into a site she cherishes.

World class football coach, Marcel Bellefeuille originally called us to just build his new website, but we understood his potential and took it a bit further. Logo, website, copy and more, we have built a great relationship with this wonderful, successful incredibly busy man.  His speaking calendar continues to fill up, thanks in part to the high profile speaker site we helped him create.

Susan's instructions to us were "I don't want this to look like a speaker's website - but I want to get hired." It was a challenging balance, but I think we did a great job of showcasing her.

Narelle came to us exhibiting the energy of a true 'creative'.  She wanted a website, but had no idea what she wanted until we pulled it out of her mind.


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