What sets you apart from other marketing agencies?

At PibworthPS, we are focused on professional speakers. We know the industry inside and out, and that gives us a competitive edge over agencies that target a broad audience. We know what you need, often before you know you need it - and we have brought together the specialists and partners to ensure we can serve you better.
The other element that really sets us apart is our company culture.  We embrace the #PibworthHug philosophy, in that we deliver high-quality expertise, with a relationship-driven attitude.

What types of companies do you work with?

Speakers, and Experts who Speak. Whether you are a keynoter, a trainer, a workshop leader, or you are a subject matter expert who uses speaking to sell a product or service (speak to sell) - you will find the support you need at PibworthPS.

How do I know I am ready to work with Pibworth?

It is a hard question to answer because every client is unique and that is why we developed the three 'stages', Emerging, Rising Stars and Seasoned Pros, but we work best with clients who feel they are "on the edge of greatness" which means they:

  • have a clear vision of where they are going
  • are already good at what they do, they have achieved success, but are ready to play a bigger game or reach  a wider audience
  •  have decided they are ready to invest in taking their business forward, and that a true partner is what they need - not just someone to throw together a business card layout.  (We do offer single project packages, but more often even a single project leads to an ongoing relationship.)

Will I have a single point of contact or direct access to each team member?

You will have a project manager assigned to your account. This person will be your main point of contact. However, you may also have direct contact with team members from each department (graphic design, web development, copywriting, e-commerce and system design). Check out the whole PibworthPS team here.

What kind of costs are involved?

The costs vary depending on the client need.  You can work with PibworthPS for as little as $97 as an Emerging Speaker up to $5000 per month for a full-time marketing department at your command as a Seasoned Pro. Some clients just need a one-time project or an initial set up like an affiliate program or a website and plan to manage that themselves – so the cost could be as little as $799, but most clients who choose PibworthPS require ongoing marketing support and are looking for a marketing partner to help guide them through the best use of their strategic marketing program, and those clients will choose a monthly package.

How do your packages work?

We have several options available to clients.  For clients with a multitude of ongoing projects and shifting needs, we offer monthly retainer packages where you and your project manager decide on your goals for the month, and decide how your time will be dedicated that month.

Some clients however, have a single project they want completed and do not wish to enter into a monthly commitment, or only want one task competed on an ongoing basis.  For those clients we have developed task specific packages.

If you have a need that is not represented by our published packages, feel free to contact us for a consultation

How does payment work?

Pibworth prefers payment via email transfer within Canada, but we do accept Visa and MasterCard as well.

Single projects require a 50% deposit upon project start.  Retainer clients are required to pay one month in advance, and require a minimum purchase of three months.  Retainer hours are not carried forward if not used.

If you have additional questions, you can email lauren at pibworthps dot com


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