Event Profit Secrets with Lisa Sasevich

What DOES one blog about when they are still floating on a cloud?

This past week I was in San Diego at a Lisa Sasevich event called Event Profit Secrets (EPS) – and I have developed yet another business crush.  What an amazing speaker she is – but more than that – what value she gives!  The purpose of the event was how to learn to put on events that make money (there is so much more to it than that – but I’d say that is the bottom line) and I learned quite a bit – but I have been putting on events corporately, for myself and for clients for 15 years or more – I pretty much had a handle on that.  What captivated me was her “speak to sell” approach.

This woman, just through use of language and a sense of inclusion and exclusion had everyone in the room not a “Sassy” (a member of her elite mastermind group) desperately wanting to belong to her tribe.  I am not one who will use ‘speaking to sell’  as a selling tool.  There is no coaching program or mastermind program, or even a live event for Pibworth  ANYWHERE in my business plan (Pibworth supports and guides those who do that – I have no intention of doing it myself)  and even I found myself wondering if that was something I needed to belong to.  Masterful I tell you…  She was not actively selling her mastermind, but she still had people sign up simply by planting that seed.  (No wonder she is making millions of dollars per event)

So, as always happens when I get excited and inspired by a book or event – coming soon is the Event Profit Secrets blog series .  Of course, the content of the course is all Lisa, and is copyrighted, so don’t expect to get all the templates etc – but I will share my impressions along the way, and I will highlight some elements I found particularly juicy.

So buckle up – we are hoping on the Lisa Sasevich EPS train!

About Lauren Pibworth

Lauren Pibworth is an internet marketing strategist specializing in growing the business of professional speakers. Lauren and her team of graphic designers, web developers and online product and course development and launch specialists work with speakers who want to diversify their revenue streams and move 'beyond the keynote' through smarter marketing solutions, delivered with care.

Lauren (an amateur sommelier) and her husband enjoy fine Ontario wines, great food and travel to exotic, warm destinations where they spend the majority of their time underwater - scuba diving.

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