Emerging Speakers

So, you want to be a speaker? Awesome!!

You have a message bursting from your soul, and you have GOT to find a way to get the world to listen. I hear you. I have been there, and we have helped countless speakers do that very thing, but remember, ‘being a speaker’ is still running a business.

Your speaking business requires a few things.


You need to have something to say. 

It feels strange having to articulate that, but so many new or emerging speakers come to us saying “I want to be a speaker” – but other than their personal story, or a few 10-minute showcases, they really don’t know what they are going to say. They do not understand why someone would hire them to speak.   I invite you to sign up for this free mini-masterclass “The Number One Roadblock that Stops Emerging Speakers from Launching a Successful Business".

This great tool will help you get this crucial part down from the outset.

the number one roadblock that stops emerging speakers from launching a successful business

Once you are clear on what you sell and why someone will pay you for it – it is time to communicate your message. Have you worked out the language you will use to sell your talks?

  • Are your topic descriptions tight and targeted?
  • Do you have a compelling promise statement?
  • Who is the audience that will best benefit from your message?
  • Are the benefits and outcomes of your programs crystal clear?

If you know the answer to these questions, you are ready to  move to the next step: writing the marketing copy that gets you the work.     

If the idea of writing copy that sells you and your talks brings butterflies to your stomach, then your next step is to sign up for a Pibworth messaging program. If you cannot clearly articulate 

  • What you sell (and yes - even as a speaker you are selling something) 
  • What problem(s) you solve with your talks
  • Who is willing to pay you to solve those problems, 

then moving forward with marketing does not make sense.

clarity masterclass for emerging speakers

Here’s how our messaging masterclass program works:

The first step in building a marketing platform is Clarity. Both you and your marketing partner must have a crystal-clear vision of what you do, who you do it for, and WHY they will pay you to do it.  That comes from messaging.

Module One - Clients

Who is your ideal client? That is a question that is asked in every marketing plan ever created, but when you are just starting out, how can you possibly answer this question? Module One helps you understand what questions to ask yourself (and how to interpret your answers) in a real, no-nonsense format.

Module Two - Concerns

Your customers will only buy from you when they see you have an answer to their burning concerns, their main pain points. Module Two explores the obvious, and not so obvious concerns of your prospective clients, and helps you uncover some innovative ways to gain the inside track.

Module Three - Competitors

Examining your competition from unique perspectives helps you understand not only what your shared prospects are looking for, but also highlights areas where you can highlight your uniqueness, and build a brand message that resonates with you AND with your ideal clients.

These three modules include a masterclass video PLUS a detailed workbook, for only $97


Once you know WHAT to say – it is time to shout your newfound business from the rooftops, and a website is the place to start.  After all, all of your marketing efforts moving forward will be driving your potential customers to this one place – shouldn’t your website be spectacular?

There are benefits to working with a marketing agency that knows speakers inside and out. We know exactly what decision-makers, meeting planners, and people who hire speakers are looking for.


Want to get started on your own?

We have developed unique templates that are positioned specifically for the speaking industry and are customizable to your business. These templates that will help you lay out and plan your website on your own while giving you optimal results with people that hire speakers. These sites are great for the ‘do-it-yourself’ people, those just starting out, or for those who have a budget in mind. (we get being budget conscious – that is why we created these templates).

Tonia Jahshan

Don’t Want to Do It on Your Own?

Or, if the templated route is not for you, we also offer custom websites.


Once your new website is live – book a call with us to talk about the next steps to get your website seen and to integrate it into a fuller, more robust marketing plan.