Critical Decision Making in Uncertain Times

Today’s world is changing fast enough to make our heads spin. A tiny virus has brought the world to a virtual standstill and the need to decide our best options for survival when the stakes are high means critical decision making has become even more imperative. How do you know if you are doing the right thing? I have watched as so many of us as solopreneurs either make ‘knee jerk ‘decisions or stand paralyzed and make no decision at all.

We are facing some of the toughest market conditions ever. We need to make wise choices if we and our businesses are going to survive – and we need solid tools to help us through it.

What if the choices we are making right now are going to come back to haunt us in the future? There is no crystal ball that can eliminate the risk of making poor decisions but there are some tools that can help!  

Friend and CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) colleague, Ruth Sirman and I were talking about critical decision-making last week and I found the discussion SO valuable, I invited her to share her insights with us concerning ‘Critical Decision Making in Uncertain Times’.

This is an expert-led, interactive discussion exploring some of the tools Ruth uses to help organizations address their challenges and that may be able to help you make good decisions for the short, medium and longer term.

We all make decisions all the time – some will be on point, and some will cause us grief. When we’re in crisis mode we need to recognize the risk of being reactive rather than strategic in how we navigate that crisis. There are many businesses that will navigate this pandemic and come out stronger, wiser and better equipped to serve their customers. The capacity to develop business strategies that build a level of robust flexibility and resilience into our business will help to position us for long-term success. Businesses that struggle to adapt and change in this ever-changing world will struggle to survive.

Enjoy the video, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

About Ruth:

Ruth Sirman is an Internationally Certified Mediator (International Mediation Institute), who specializes in helping organizations, and businesses create healthy thriving workplaces through effective organizational development strategies. She has run 3 successful businesses since 1982. She has a background in environmental biology, chemistry and wildlife toxicology along with being a retired turkey farmer and Mom to 4 amazing young adults and Grandma to 4 incredible grand-kids! For more information, contact her at and check out her consulting website

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