How to Create your Lead Magnet Quiz -part 1

As with every marketing campaign, and yes, a lead magnet quiz is the beginning of a marketing campaign, we begin with the strategy.

What’s your Goal?

There are four main types of quizzes and each has a specific goal and outcome. Your first step is always to determine why you are creating the quiz, and what you want that quiz to accomplish. Here are some common outcomes of lead generation quizzes.


Yes, sometimes quizzes are just that – fun. Let’s say you are giving a day-long training for a client, and you want to add a bit of gamification to your event. A quiz given to the participants to complete over lunch,‘testing’ them on the morning’s content would be one example. Add to that including a prize awarded right after lunch and you have a great way to ensure everyone is in their seat and to offer ‘brownie points’ to those who score the highest. 

This fun quiz also lets you (and your client) know if your audience is paying attention. Are you gathering emails?  Maybe yes, maybe no, the choice is yours. The point of the quiz is simple. Fun and engagement. It has added benefits, but they are peripheral.

Lead Generating

How to Create your Lead Magnet Quiz -part 1

The best performing lead-generating quizzes are often simple personality quizzes with the goal of getting as many bodies as possible on your list.

Lead Generating plus Targeting

This lead magnet quiz requires more thought and strategy. Yes, you want to grow the list, but you want to pre-qualify prospects as well. Let’s say you have a 3-level program or 4 specific keynotes that you deliver, and you want to get a general idea of which program that prospect is ‘most likely’ to be interested in.  You can create your quiz and results in such a way as to tag a prospect based on their answers and add them to a list that includes those products.  You are not ‘recommending’ anything to them, but you are keeping track of their preferences for further marketing down the road.

That’s it for your goal – but we are in a position of service – what you deliver matters too!  The old adage “What’s in it for them?” matters here too.   Before you choose a title or even a topic for your quiz, think about what your audience might be interested in. What value will they receive after taking your quiz?

The bottom line, no matter what your specific goal or outcome almost every quiz should:

  • Position you as an expert in your field
  • Make your prospects feel like you understand and care about them
  • Be a steppingstone to beginning a marketing relationship 
  • Act as a primer to slowly introduce your products and services

The Title

The title is by far the most important part of creating a quiz that is ‘more likely to go viral’, or at least gain a larger number of respondents. The title is the bait, and just like fishing, you can have the biggest boat, the most delicious recipe, and the best technique – but if the fish aren’t biting, you are going hungry. In fact, 80% of readers decide whether something’s worth checking out or not based on its title.

Here are some tried and true title formats that you can modify for your own lead magnet quiz. 

  • How much do you actually know about blank?   (adding the word ‘actually’ turns a simple question into a challenge)
  • Only a true name your target audience can name the quiz outcome.
  • Are you ready to action – Are you sure? (as with the word actually – adding ‘are you sure’ adds the element of challenge)
  • Which blank are you? 
  • Can you answer 10 questions every target audience should know?

  • Only 3% of target audience can answer these questions? Do you make the grade?

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