Gain Clarity With Your Messaging

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you don’t know:

  • What you sell  
  • What problem(s) you solve
  • Who is willing to pay you to solve those problems...

Then stop marketing!!

Before you spend (or more accurately - waste) any more money on your website, social media, or any other marketing - make sure you have some clarity!


The lack of clarity is the number one roadblock to building a successful speaking business.

Enroll in the masterclass below and make sure your saying the right things to the right people before you spend another penny on marketing!

Module One

Who is your ideal client? That is a question that is asked in every marketing plan ever created, but when you are just starting out, how can you possibly answer this question? Module One helps you understand what questions to ask yourself (and how to interpret your answers) in a real, no-nonse format.

Module Two

Your customers will only buy from you when they see you have an answer to their burning concerns, their main pain points. Module Two explores the obvious, and not so obvious concerns of your prospective clients, and helps you uncover some innovative ways to gain the inside track

Module Three

Examining your competition from unique perspectives helps you understand not only what your shared prospects are looking for, but also highlights areas where you can highlight your uniqueness, and build a brand message that resonates with you AND with your ideal clients.

Ready to get started?

These three Modules include a clarity masterclass video PLUS a detailed workbook, for only $97