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How to Structure Video

how to structure video

Our last post covered the five essential elements of your marketing video. Now, we’re going to focus on how to structure those key elements that will optimize your video and keep your audience watching and coming back for more.

Start with the hook.

We live in a society where people want instant gratification. Therefore, with your hook, you tell people in the first 10 seconds what to expect and the value they’ll gain from watching your video. You’re answering their questions right away.

People often make the mistake of introducihow to structure videong themselves first. However, your audience wants to know what they are going to gain before they care about who you are. Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep people watching by hooking them first.

Insert your brand. If you’re new at marketing videos, inserting your brand allows people to build recognition. They’ll see you as someone who has valuable content to share, and they’ll want to come back. Keep it consistent, so that as you make more videos, your viewers will recognize your brand and know that they are in the right place. Your branding should be a quick 4-5 seconds to allow people the time to recognize you and verify they’re watching they right video.

how to structure videoThen, introduce yourself and your content.

Quickly establish who you are and what you do. For established video marketers, you can add a quick call to action for new viewers to subscribe if they like what they see. If you’re brand new to marketing videos, it may be a good idea to ask people to subscribe as your overall call to action. Your overall introduction should be no more than 30 seconds.

Dive into your content. Establish what the challenge, pain or problem is that you’ll be addressing in this video. Then provide an overview of what you’re going to cover.

As you’re going through the content, when you get to a place that relates to your bonus, add in another hook. This hook should be something that tells them to stick around to the end because you’re going to share a bonus that they don’t want to miss out on.

Deliver your promise from the hook at the beginning of your video. Be sure you’ve given enough information that would sufficiently help your viewers address the challenge, pain, or problem.

Deliver your bonus and explain how it will benefit your audience. Make sure it’s clear that you’ve provided a complete solution.

Keep your call to action quick and to the point. You want viewers to continue watching through the call to action, and they know they’re already at the end of the video. You call to action should correspond to the trust and value you’ve already established with your audience. If this is your first video, you may want to start with a “like” or “subscribe.” As you establish a relationship with your audience, you can build up to a bigger call to action such as purchasing a product.

Pibworth can help you ensure you have all the essential elements structured in a way that achieves optimal results. Book a call with us here.


Easy Video Marketing for Speakers

Easy Video Marketing for Speakers

“Oh, I could never do videos – I hate how I look on camera” “No way man, it looks way too hard. I’m too busy to do that” ‘I don’t have a professional recording studio” Or “It is too expensive to edit.”

And the excuses go on and on. But it is time to accept the facts.

Video Marketing is ‘A Thing’. It is time to accept it and move on.

In a world of marketing consumables, multi device delivery methods and time crunches, video marketing reigns supreme right now, especially for professional speakers.  Your prospective clients are turning to YouTube to get a taste of your personality, your brand and your style even before they visit your website.  In fact, chances are they are even consuming your Facebook Live videos as well.  So, if that is true, what are you doing to make video work harder for you?

We have an entire series coming up soon all about video marketing, but here’s a snapshot of some of the things you can start on right now.

  1. Film videos about things your tribe wants to know

You can create amazing videos, professionally shot – the whole bit, but if your tribe is not interested in what you have to say what is the point?  While yes, you are putting all the work into creating videos, so you grow your marketing platform, but if your videos don’t serve your tribe, you are wasting time and money. 

How do you know what they are hungry for?  Ask them. I know it is a super simple answer, but it is the best I can give. You can guess of course and look at what your competitors are doing, but the best way to find your topics is to ask the people you serve what they want.

  1. Think keywords first

Look at your Analytics and your stats.  What is your tribe consuming right now?  What are the trending keywords in your subject matter?  If you have things like Keyword Hero or other tracking software pay attention to what people are looking for.  If your people are tying in “How to better video marketing for professional speakers” – that is what you will title your video. That is what your video should be about. Don’t try to over complicate it.

In a world of marketing consumables, multi-device delivery methods and time crunches, video marketing reigns supreme right now, especially for professional speakers Click To Tweet
  1. Great video takes practice

Just because you are an amazing professional speaker, doesn’t mean you are fantastic at filming videos right off the bat.  It took years of practice and training to become good at your speaking craft – it will take time to get there with this as well.  Done is better than perfect. 

  1. Plan out your content.

For Facebook Lives, Twitter and Instagram videos you can be a bit more spur of the moment, but for website and YouTube video it pays to follow a video template.  I will be talking about a few different ways to structure your content, so it impacts your audience and feeds the SEO machines, but here is a great and simple starter flow.

Title:   Easy Video Marketing for Speakers
Description: A quick start guide for professional speakers who want to make video marketing easy
Tags: #easy #ProfessionalSpeakers #Marketing #VideoMarketing #EasyVideoMarketing

  • Hook
    • Do you want to include video in your marketing plan but always seem to stop short of pulling the trigger? I get it, video took me a while to come to terms with as well, but I am here to share with you four simple things you can do today to make video marketing for speakers easier.
  • Intro
    • I’m Lauren Pibworth and my team and I have been working with professional speakers for over 10 years to help them get on more stages, spread their message and fill their pocketbooks.
  • Background
    • “Oh, I could never do videos – I hate how I look on camera” “No way man, it looks way too hard. I’m too busy to do that” ‘I don’t have a professional recording studio” Or “It is too expensive to edit.”. I heard all that and more when I tried to talk to my clients about doing video marketing. The excuses seem endless, but I knew that video marketing would work for my clients.  I knew that decision makers were looking for video and I knew that optimizing their speaker websites would be much easier if we included video elements. I had to come up with a way to make video marketing easy for them
  • How To
    • I decided to create a video and blog series outlining 4 easy steps and showing them how easy video marketing for speakers could be.  You are watching Video One of this series.
    • Talk about these 4 things I have already outlined in the blog post
  • Recap
    • So, to recap, talk about things your tribe wants to know, use keywords well, practice and plan.  It is really not rocket science once you get the hang of it.
  • Call to Action
    • If you are one of those who is on the fence, I invite you to take the plunge and see how easy video marketing can be for speakers. In fact, head on over to my website www.pibworthps.com and check out all the resources I have there for you.  Everything from video marketing to websites to branding – everything you need is all on the blog.

One more tip.  Don’t read your script.  Plan it out yes, and develop some ‘catch phrases’ that you use all the time but don’t read it.  Listening to you read robs you of all of your authenticity – and it feels like death by PowerPoint.  😉



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