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What Makes a Great Lead Magnet?

What Makes a Great Lead Magnet

A lead magnet or Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) or “opt-in” is something that you give to your ideal customers/clients in exchange for their contact information.  Typically, people are very protective of their contact information so your lead magnet must be strong enough to entice them to hand over that information.

What makes a gread lead magnet

There are several things that your opt-in should do if you want it to be irresistible:

  1. Solves a Problem.  Your ideal clients have problems.  That’s why they are likely on your website or reading your article.  Ideally, you don’t want to solve their biggest problems with a lead magnet, or they won’t need to hire you, however, your magnet must solve one of their problems or it won’t work. 
  2. Lead Magnet for the Win! People equate wins with successes, and you want to help your ideal customers find success.  Your lead magnet should provide them with a quick win so that they can easily achieve something.
  3. Be Specific. Your opt-in should not address something general but rather focus on something specific; the more specific your lead magnet, the better it will convert leads.
  4. Quick Fix.  Your IFO must offer a quick and painless solution.  PDF checklists are great because they are quick and easy while e-books or lengthy reports could leave your ideal customer completely overwhelmed.
  5. High Value.  Your lead magnet needs to have a high value that the potential customer recognizes as high value.  Remember they are trading their valuable contact information for it.
  6. Instant Gratification. Your lead magnet must be something that can be delivered to your lead immediately.  When someone receives their ‘prize’ right away, they can feel good about giving away their contact information.
  7. Positions You as an Expert. When someone runs through your lead magnet, they should immediately recognize you as an expert in that field.  If your offering demonstrates your unique value proposition (UVP) it will likely convert your visitor into a customer/client later.

Here at Pibworth Professional Solutions, one of our most successful lead magnets is “Top Tips for Creating a Speaker Website that CONVERTS”

This lead magnet does well converting visitors to clients for a variety of reasons:

  1. Solves a Problem:  Visitors abandoning the site without taking action
  2. Lead Magnet for the win:  Promises to convert visitors into leads – that’s always a WIN!
  3. Specific: Specifically Getting website visitors to take action
  4. Quick and Easy: It’s a single page PDF list. Easy Peasy
  5. High Value: Following these 8 tips can increase the productivity of the website
  6. Instantly Available: Signup, download.
  7. Positions us as Experts in our Field: We really know how to convert visitors and this lead magnet proves that!

And THAT is how to create a great lead magnet!


Content Repurposing – Making the Most of Your Content

In today’s reality, in any reality, leaving money on the table is a poor business decision. As business owners, we have to be fiscally responsible in how we use our money (what we spend vs. what we keep, follow up procedures etc.) but we also need to be responsible for how we leverage our time and our skills and knowledge. This is where content repurposing comes into play.

Our expertise is a valuable commodity, that is why we are EXPERTS who Speak. Our expertise is as valuable, if not more valuable than our delivery.

When you get a great idea and decide to write a blog post or an article, or record a Facebook live, and it sits on your website or your timeline, and gets shared on social a couple times, you are not leveraging your expertise to the maximum benefit.

We need to start creating less and promoting more.  Not to say we need to stop writing and sharing our expertise – but we need to focus on getting more eyes on what we already have.

So, if content repurposing is the goal, how do we know what content to choose?

Not everything should be repurposed. For instance, the multitude of articles we are all writing right now on ‘thriving in COVID environment’ will never be used after the next 6-18 months (we hope). Neither will my 2018 posts on the introduction of https and site security and explaining why you can no longer schedule content to your personal fb page.  That is old news now.

Choose content to repurpose that is:

  • high value
  • has elicited responses (shares, likes, etc.)
  • is not time or data or event-specific. 

This is prime evergreen content.

We need to start creating less and promoting more.  Not to say we need to stop writing and sharing our expertise – but we need to focus on getting more eyes on what we already have. Click To Tweet

Before you start to implement any of the ideas below, I strongly suggest you go through your existing blog posts, videos, lives, audios, workshops and take an inventory of what you have, then group your content by topic or audience. 

For most of you I bet that you will come out of that exercise with more pieces than you ever dreamed you had.

Now that you know what to re purpose – let’s talk about the how and the cost.

Weigh Your Options when Content Repurposing

As you go through the ideas below, it is important to remember that this is an option list – not a ‘do everything’ list. After you have done your inventory, it is important that you choose 1 or 2 things that will work with what you already have and with your budget or skill set.  

I have broken them down into three categories.

No Cost / Very Little Work

  • Go back in your blog 2+ years and see what ideas resonated with your readers (or that you feel are still very relevant today and update or rewrite them with your current spin.
  • Do the same with your videos or FB posts
  • If you have great blogs, record them as a video and post them on your YouTube and LinkedIn accounts.  Do a Facebook live where you review your top 3 performing posts and invite others to chime in.
  • Record them as an audio file and create a podcast or audiobook.
  • Re-read your newsletters – are there any tips in there that you could ‘recirculate’ and create a new blog series on your top tech tips, or recognition tips – or whatever is appropriate?
  • Repurpose those great posts as LinkedIn articles. 
  • Turn a blog topic series into an email series. 
  •  Pull out quotes from your blogs and create images or memes highlighting the quotes – link them back to your post

Skills and Resources

Low Cost /Some Work

  • Again, go back to your blog and see if you have any ‘top 10 lists’ or steps etc.  Expand on each idea in the list and create a blog or video about each. 
  • Reuse your post and create an infographic in Canva. 
  • Transcribe your podcasts and create an Expert Series e-book (or book for that matter)
  • Set up a social scheduling platform. (free or paid versions) Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Bee, etc.
  • Get in touch with your speaker colleagues or those who do something ‘similar but different’ and offer to write a guest blog on their website or record a video together and feature each other. 
  • Promote your content with multiple titles. For instance -you have a ‘top 5’ list.  You could create 10 different twitter/FB images that promote one tip, hinting at several more. 

Some Cost / More Work / Longer Term

  • Do you have a blog series? 5 or 6 blogs on a specific topic?  Hop on Zoom and create a video presentation.  Now repurpose that video on your blog, YouTube channel, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  If you have video editing software on your computer, you can even break down the video into 140 seconds sound bits and post it to twitter.
  • Put together a quiz as a lead magnet
  • Repurpose that blog series again and create an eBook or a full book. 
  • Create an online course
  • Create a membership site

Online courses, membership sites and speaking portals are a long-term solution, that (when done right) are so much more than ‘simply’ content repositories. They can become revenue generation for years to come and they can see you through these upcoming rougher years.

PS – Watch in the next month or so as I unveil a new approach to speaking in the post-COVID environment. I have some ideas that my clients are currently implementing and they have the possibility to be revolutionary in our industry…

Content Repurposing – Go through your existing blog posts, videos, FB lives, audios, workshops and take an inventory of what you have, then group your content by topic or audience.  Click To Tweet Read More...

How to Make the Most Out of Your Speaker Website Content

How to Make the Most Out of Your Speaker Website Content

So, you’ve spent some time writing a lengthy and detailed blog post that will help your audience in solving one of their main problems. You took some time in creating engaging graphics and even added a nice video. You shared it once on Facebook and Twitter, but that’s just about it.

You were surprised when you looked at your Analytics a week later. Your views went up but immediately dropped the next day. You moved on and wrote another blog post and hoped you would do better next time.

Sure, as a speaker, there’s a lot you can share with your readers. In fact, there’s a lot of things to write about, that’s why you are not worrying too much about running out of topics.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Speaker Website Content

But think about the time you’ve spent working on your content for it not to reach its maximum potential.

It’s a shame when great content just sits on your website.

Don't let great content just sit on your website – use these tips to make sure it reaches its maximum potential Click To Tweet

In my last blog post, I emphasized the importance of setting goals before creating your content. Of course, we all want to book a speaking gig, but that’s not just about it. We can ask people to sign up for our newsletters, build our online presence, or ask them to subscribe to our YouTube channels.

No matter what your goals are. The point is, you won’t be able to meet them if your medium (your blog post or website content) is not being viewed or read.

You need to do something about it…

The good news is, there’s a lot of things you can do to make sure that the word gets out there.

Here are some things I normally do to make the most out of my every piece of content:

1. Create a content promotion plan

With all the online resources out there, it’s not enough to just share your content on your Facebook or Twitter. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure they reach your target audience.

Here are some things you can do as soon as your website content goes out:

  • Send an email blast to your list with your content link.
  • Share it on Facebook – On your Page, Personal Account, and on your groups.
  • Share it on Twitter
  • Create a nice image and share it on Instagram. (Don’t forget to add the link to your bio)
  • Create a vertical image and share it on your Pinterest.
  • Share it on your LinkedIn account and page.
  • Share it on social bookmarking sites like Medium, Digg, Reddit, etc.
  • Create short video clips promoting it on Instagram stories – Ask them to swipe up.

It goes without saying that sharing your content is different from bombarding and over-promoting. That’s why it’s essential to have a well-thought-out content promotion plan so you can effectively schedule your content promotions.

2. Use content schedulers

I use different tools to make sure that my website content goes out there regularly. For instance, I’ve used SocialBee, Hootsuite, Later.com, and MeetEdgar (to name a few) in sharing my content on different social media sites.

You just need to connect your social profiles on your tool, add your content, set when you want them to go out, and literally forget about it!

Some of these, like Later.com, have free accounts that you can use for up to 3 social profiles. Find one that matches your needs and meets your budget.

3. Update your evergreen content every 2 to 3 years and share them again

Update your evergreen content every 2 to 3 years and share them again. You don’t always have to write new content. You need to make the most out of your best posts and articles. Click To Tweet

You don’t always have to write new content. You need to make the most out of your best posts and articles.

Don’t forget about your old content. Use your Analytics to find your best-performing posts and pages and update them from time to time.

I’ll tell you – Google loves this! Google is now focused on giving value to its readers, so when you update something that has proven to be valuable to your target audience, it means that you are making it even more valuable. If you will play it right (optimize your posts, adding target keywords, etc.), you will be rewarded.

So now go ahead and make the most out of your content!


How to Write a Compelling Headline for your Speaker Website

I have written so many posts about creating a Speaker Website that Sells, from your bio to your meeting professionals page, but the truth is your compelling headline may be the most important thing you write for your website.

Your headline might be the ONLY thing your prospect reads, so you have got to make it count. But remember, don’t try to be overly clever here. Never make your promise hard to understand. get to the point quickly and be clear. Grab their attention and hold it. And that’s easy to say, and harder to do, I know. But here’s some good news

Write your compelling headline last.

Yes, I mean it. Your headline is the last thing you should write. At least, the headline you are going to stick to. Be realistic, you are going to write dozens of not hundreds of headlines before you come up with ‘the one’. Just like with love, you need to ‘meet’ and eventually ‘date’ your headline before you make it your own.

How to Write a Compelling Headline
Write your website headline last. Your headline is the last thing you should write. At least, the headline you are going to stick to. Click To Tweet

Here’s how my process goes…

1. Start with the reason for the page you are writing.

It sounds super obvious but I never write without the outcome in mind. What do I want this page to DO? What do I want this website to DO? Like a child (and your prospective customers) if you don’t tell them what you want them to do, they are unlikely to come up with it on their own. Like most of us, the ultimate goal is to get hired to speak, but is that all?

2. Don’t forget your target audience – write only for them

3. Choose your most sought after benefit

While ultimately the content of this post could apply to any business owner, I know who my tribe. I work with Speakers and I build Speaker Websites. Of course, that is in my compelling headline. I could get creative and clever but why bother? I know that the headline will not only be very SEO friendly, but it solves the exact problem my niche audience is searching for.

4.  Don’t over complicate things.

I have seen a lot of headlines that are just too wordy you don’t even know what the content is all about. Although it’s tempting to use big, catchy words, you should always stick to the basics and make your headlines easy to understand.

When writing your website content and headline, you can inject some keywords here and there, but make sure they are relevant and they sound natural. Click To Tweet

5.  Cut to the chase and be straight forward.

Getting people’s attention online can be challenging, you need to play it right. Your readers are looking for interesting topics that will answer their questions. Drop those irrelevant terms and keep it simple.

You can inject some of your target keywords here and there, but make sure they are relevant, and they sound natural.

What are your challenges in writing interesting and compelling headlines for your website?


The Dangers of Mixed Marketing Messages

danger of mixed marketing messages

Too many times we think we are saving money by sharing ALL we do in one communication piece.  You’ve seen it too, and probably been guilty of it a time or two.  Instead of focusing on the benefits of what you do and listing a service or a group of related services in a package, you provide a list of all of your services because “what if someone wanted eggs, and I only talked about butter?”

While it is true that someone might want to purchase a product other than the one you were talking about in that particular brochure, if you focused on the benefits of butter, and how well it makes a cake – then you leave the prospect to ask about butter, and eggs.  (I am making myself hungry)

danger of mixed marketing messagesI found a picture that articulates the idea of “telling everyone all you do and creating a mixed marketing message” so well – and it made me laugh…

AND – now I am not so hungry any longer…  When you talk about two completely separate services, you cause confusion – and sometimes you then have to explain and you lose the power of the message.

Stay focused and avoid mixed marketing messages!


Easy Video Marketing for Speakers

Easy Video Marketing for Speakers

“Oh, I could never do videos – I hate how I look on camera” “No way man, it looks way too hard. I’m too busy to do that” ‘I don’t have a professional recording studio” Or “It is too expensive to edit.”

And the excuses go on and on. But it is time to accept the facts.

Video Marketing is ‘A Thing’. It is time to accept it and move on.

In a world of marketing consumables, multi device delivery methods and time crunches, video marketing reigns supreme right now, especially for professional speakers.  Your prospective clients are turning to YouTube to get a taste of your personality, your brand and your style even before they visit your website.  In fact, chances are they are even consuming your Facebook Live videos as well.  So, if that is true, what are you doing to make video work harder for you?

We have an entire series coming up soon all about video marketing, but here’s a snapshot of some of the things you can start on right now.

  1. Film videos about things your tribe wants to know

You can create amazing videos, professionally shot – the whole bit, but if your tribe is not interested in what you have to say what is the point?  While yes, you are putting all the work into creating videos, so you grow your marketing platform, but if your videos don’t serve your tribe, you are wasting time and money. 

How do you know what they are hungry for?  Ask them. I know it is a super simple answer, but it is the best I can give. You can guess of course and look at what your competitors are doing, but the best way to find your topics is to ask the people you serve what they want.

  1. Think keywords first

Look at your Analytics and your stats.  What is your tribe consuming right now?  What are the trending keywords in your subject matter?  If you have things like Keyword Hero or other tracking software pay attention to what people are looking for.  If your people are tying in “How to better video marketing for professional speakers” – that is what you will title your video. That is what your video should be about. Don’t try to over complicate it.

In a world of marketing consumables, multi-device delivery methods and time crunches, video marketing reigns supreme right now, especially for professional speakers Click To Tweet

  1. Great video takes practice

Just because you are an amazing professional speaker, doesn’t mean you are fantastic at filming videos right off the bat.  It took years of practice and training to become good at your speaking craft – it will take time to get there with this as well.  Done is better than perfect. 

  1. Plan out your content.

For Facebook Lives, Twitter and Instagram videos you can be a bit more spur of the moment, but for website and YouTube video it pays to follow a video template.  I will be talking about a few different ways to structure your content, so it impacts your audience and feeds the SEO machines, but here is a great and simple starter flow.

Title:   Easy Video Marketing for Speakers
Description: A quick start guide for professional speakers who want to make video marketing easy
Tags: #easy #ProfessionalSpeakers #Marketing #VideoMarketing #EasyVideoMarketing

  • Hook
    • Do you want to include video in your marketing plan but always seem to stop short of pulling the trigger? I get it, video took me a while to come to terms with as well, but I am here to share with you four simple things you can do today to make video marketing for speakers easier.
  • Intro
    • I’m Lauren Pibworth and my team and I have been working with professional speakers for over 10 years to help them get on more stages, spread their message and fill their pocketbooks.
  • Background
    • “Oh, I could never do videos – I hate how I look on camera” “No way man, it looks way too hard. I’m too busy to do that” ‘I don’t have a professional recording studio” Or “It is too expensive to edit.”. I heard all that and more when I tried to talk to my clients about doing video marketing. The excuses seem endless, but I knew that video marketing would work for my clients.  I knew that decision makers were looking for video and I knew that optimizing their speaker websites would be much easier if we included video elements. I had to come up with a way to make video marketing easy for them
  • How To
    • I decided to create a video and blog series outlining 4 easy steps and showing them how easy video marketing for speakers could be.  You are watching Video One of this series.
    • Talk about these 4 things I have already outlined in the blog post
  • Recap
    • So, to recap, talk about things your tribe wants to know, use keywords well, practice and plan.  It is really not rocket science once you get the hang of it.
  • Call to Action
    • If you are one of those who is on the fence, I invite you to take the plunge and see how easy video marketing can be for speakers. In fact, head on over to my website www.pibworthps.com and check out all the resources I have there for you.  Everything from video marketing to websites to branding – everything you need is all on the blog.

One more tip.  Don’t read your script.  Plan it out yes, and develop some ‘catch phrases’ that you use all the time but don’t read it.  Listening to you read robs you of all of your authenticity – and it feels like death by PowerPoint.  😉



Top Tips for creating a speaker website that converts

Is YOUR website doing all it can to grow your speaking business? Are you sure??

Which Are You?

Take the next steps to building your speaking business by choosing which of the speaker types below fits you!


Top Tips for creating a speaker website that converts

Is YOUR website doing all it can to grow your speaking business? Are you sure??