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Email Marketing Changes in 2024

The major platforms like Gmail and Yahoo are implementing significant updates, and understanding and adapting to these changes is not just important, it’s imperative for every business leveraging email marketing. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the email marketing changes in 2024, and ensure that you are well-prepared for this new era.


Happy Anniversary Pibworth


I almost missed it this year. The 13th anniversary of the conception and opening of Pibworth Professional Solutions. I thought it might be fun to share with you a little bit of the history of those 13 years. How PibworthPS came to be Some of you know this story, but many do not. I had been married to my wonderful […]


Remote Speaking Re-Imagined

remote speaking, virtual speaking

There is so much talk right now around “What will happen to the speaking business?” The truth is, we do not know. Not for sure. We know that what ‘was’ will likely never be again – and we know that what ‘is’ is temporary. What ‘will be’ is yet to be determined. What ‘will be’ will be born out of […]


Critical Decision Making in Uncertain Times

critical decision making

Today’s world is changing fast enough to make our heads spin. A tiny virus has brought the world to a virtual standstill and the need to decide our best options for survival when the stakes are high means critical decision making has become even more imperative. How do you know if you are doing the right thing? I have watched […]


Sales vs Service – A Difference in Experience

Sales vs Service

Sales vs Services. They seem similar, right? But in fact they are very different experiences that can cost you your business.


Losing Focus, when you think you know what you think…

Sometimes we make decisions or get ideas based on one off conversations, and it is easy to lose focus and start wondering if you do in fact think what you think.  Do you really know what you know about your business?  Are you on the right track? In other words – SQUIRREL! Watch my video to find out what I mean, or […]


Lead Generation is Critical

You’ve got the sales and you’ve got the marketing that’s bringing more visitors to your site everyday… but are you really taking advantage of all the juicy potential those visitors are bringing each time they find you?

Which Are You?

Take the next steps to building your speaking business by choosing which of the speaker types below fits you!


Are you taking advantage of your website's full potential?

You've got the marketing that is driving more visitor to your site every day, but are you really taking advantage of all the juicy potential these visitors are bringing each time they find you?