Case Studies

We thought you might want a little more detail on our clients and the successes they have experienced.

Sarah has been a client with PibworthPS since 2016. We have gone through several website iterations, course and membership site launches and so much more over the years. We worked with her brand architect to build the back end of her new website, all the lead generation mechanisms, her membership site and everything else in this crazy busy speaker's marketing world. We love working with her, and one of hte reasons is that she sends us spontaneous videos like the one below.

Sarah McVanel, MSc, CSP, CHRL, PCC, CSODP
Chief Recognition Officer
Professional Speaker | Coach | Trainer
Greatness Magnified

Lindsay Lapaquette
Workplace Communication Expert | Professional Speaker
Client since 2020

Lindsay Lapaquette is/was an amazing client.  Full of energy, passion and a desire to help those she serves - AND in need of some 'serious' help to attract her ideal clients and move her business to the next level.  She's pretty much our ideal client.

We worked with her to achieve a full brand overhaul complete with messaging, copy and visuals, as well as a new website, PowerPoint slide deck, and various other newly designed and re-written documents.  We continue to work with her to assist in lead generation and anything else she needs.  We are proud to now be considered her 'go-to' marketing team.

I have worked with Lauren and her team on two fronts.

One – the PibworthPS team built my new custom website (which I am happy to say has been instrumental in producing increased bookings).  I have received several positive comments on the design of this new website, and I was impressed by how responsive they were to my ideas and needs.

Two – Serving together on the CAPS Toronto Board of Directors as the 2018 President, and again when I was the CAPS National Convention Co-Chair in 2019.

Lauren held the position of Marketing for her first 3 years on the board and added programming to her duties in 2019. She created systems to help the marketing and sales process in our chapter run more smoothly, she saved our website when it crashed, and has been an integral part of all of delivering our marketing communications to our current and potential members.   As the CAPS Convention Co-Chair in 2019, I was grateful for Lauren’s talents and innovative ideas, as we implemented some new and very successful marketing campaigns under her direction in order to inform, impact and attract attendees.

I have found Lauren to be a pleasure work with as a client, and as a fellow CAPS board member.

Work Smart Live Smart

Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP
Professional Speaker
Client since 2017

Carol Schulte

Carol Schulte
Keynote speaker and Workshop Leader
Client since 2018

For the first time in my life, I am finally proud of my website! I’m not going to lie, the task of creating a new website was extremely daunting… I knew I needed to do it, but I was totally resisting and procrastinating. And then I met Lauren - and I can’t tell you how grateful I am! She made the entire journey so much more manageable, dare I say ‘enjoyable!’

The entire team is extremely talented in what they deliver on the outside, but even more so they truly care about the process of who you become on the inside. They know what you’re going through, they get your fears and your objections, and they are there to support you, guide you, and give you the tough love you need to achieve your goal. Not only are they super friendly, I have never before worked with such a responsive and efficient team! They can make anything happen, even within budget and stick to a timeline! I can’t recommend Pibworth PS highly enough. THANK YOU!

I was looking for a marketing-savvy team to help create a new website around my rebrand into Productivity Coaching and Speaking for busy professionals. Having met Lauren through an association to which we both belong, I knew she was consistently warm, caring and professional.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with her designer, Caley. Even though we never met in person, communication was fluid and seemed effortless. I knew a lot of what I wanted, and Lauren and her team not only made it happen but made it better. I credit Lauren with my tagline: “Have fun while getting things done!” It puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Clare Kumar

Clare Kumar
Productivity Catalyst
Speaker and Consultant
Client since 2017


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