CAPSCON2021 Quizzes

A fun challenge quiz for attendees of the CAPS 2021 convention.

The quiz link was given out at my booth during the hours the Exhibitor Hall is open - and takers had a chance to earn super-secret BONUS points...

We 'gamified' this quiz as a way to increase participation.

Visit my booth and ask for the

We created this simple assessment tool and used the answers to shape the content in my presentation.  I was able to offer 'real life' answers to questions participants asked and to focus the content in my rapid-fire 20 minutes session.




An assessment quiz we created for fellow convention partner, SpeakerFlow. This is a good example of a soft recommender quiz.

Visit Taylorr and Austin in their booth and ask to that the quiz.

This quiz was created for the CAPS National Board.

The “do you have what it takes to be a world class speaker’ quiz was created to appeal to emerging speakers and new prospective CAPS members who might want to attend this convention.  We used it very briefly in our Facebook ads, and it racked up some pretty impressive numbers with 71% click rate and a 12% opt in rate.  Now given the average opt in rate on a website that features a ‘normal’ download is 1-1.9% – I was super happy with 12%

Carol Ring created this Assessment quiz which suits her C-Suite B2B clients much better than the more 'fun focused' styles above.  When you design your quizzes - and all your marketing - always remember your target audience and your brand.

For the sake of Carol's data integrity I will not be posting the link here - but ask her about it.

Workplace Culture Assessment Carol Ring

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