Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation – CALM DOWN


Yes it is true, the Canadian anti-spam legislation comes into effect July 1, and as Canadian businesspeople we must comply, but, have you actually read the documents?

They state very clearly that starting July 1 we must have our confirmed (or double) opt ins in place,yes, but the legislation gives us 3 years to confirm our existing list.   These people already on your list.   Your followers who open your emails regularly, who care about what you have to say – you will drive them away in droves if you start on a massive re-confirmation campaign now.

Look at your own inbox.  Chances are it is full of “opt in emails”.  Irritating isn’t it?  I know I think it is.  Do you really want to be bunched in with them?  How many lists are you choosing to stay on when you are being bombarded with requests?


If you start reconfirming right now you will decimate your list.


So right now, implement a confirmed opt in strategy for your email marketing campaigns and your newsletters.  Chances are, you already had one.  Infusionsoft, AWeber, Vertical Response and Mail Chimp integrated that functionality a long time ago.   While programs like Constant Contact had the functionality, but never pushed it.  It was one of the things that made it so attractive, you could import a large list without the ‘hassles’ of a double opt in.  Well, the easy days are over and we all soon have to say “are ya sure you wanna hear from me” to every new subscriber we email.

Canada Anti-Spam Law Bill C-28But wait and be gentle with those who already love you and follow you.  The name of my newsletter is “Outstanding in a Crowd” and I say to you – be outstanding yourself and do not fall for the opt in frenzy.  Simply ride above the tidal wave an continue to provide great content.   Your time to reconfirm will come.  Continue to say “no” to spam, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot in the process!!

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PPS – after the HUGE response to this blog in social media etc, I recorded a webinar outlining the law, and made some suggestions regarding how you could stay in compliance without destroying your list.
You can purchase the recorded call for 9.99 here


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