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Building your Meeting Planner page

Your Meeting Planner page is your direct line to the decision-maker. It is here that they will visit to get all the material they need to promote and book you. Don’t you want to make it easy for them?


Email Marketing Changes in 2024

The major platforms like Gmail and Yahoo are implementing significant updates, and understanding and adapting to these changes is not just important, it’s imperative for every business leveraging email marketing. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the email marketing changes in 2024, and ensure that you are well-prepared for this new era.


Are you getting those emails from Google Analytics saying your setup is incomplete?

You have installed the new Google Analytics 4 tracking code on your website and checked your Google Analytics properly and the data is flowing – but you keep getting emails from Google Analytics saying your setup is incomplete. Why is that?


Simple directions to install GA4 on a WordPress website

Creating a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account and installing it on a WordPress website involves a few steps. Let me explain the process in simple terms. If you already have a Google Analytics account – skip to Creating a G4A Account Important note – if you are already a Pibworth customer and have your website maintained here – you don’t […]


Key Google Analytics Reports Explained

There are 5 key Google Analytics reports that the majority of ‘everyday users’ like most of Pibworth’s clients look at most often.  This blog explains what each report is – and why it is important for your website. Real-Time report The Real-Time report shows you what’s happening on your website right at this moment. It reveals the number of people […]


Top Tips to Promote your Website Launch for Professional Speakers

New speaker website ready to be launched? Don’t just ‘push it live’. Start promoting your website launch for the biggest bang for your buck!


Step OUT in Order to Step UP

2023 goals, Step OUT in order to Step UP

Hello and Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah – or whatever you celebrate this holiday season. We, humanity that is, tends to look at a new year and decide we are going to make changes in our lives, and often in our businesses that will ‘make all the difference’ in the year moving forward. Sometimes we keep those promises to ourselves, […]


Video marketing for speakers — Tips to improve your videos in 2022

Video marketing is nothing new to us who work in the speaking business. Back in 2018, I wrote a blog about easy tips to create videos for your marketing strategy. And now, at least 70% of the content I see online is video. So I thought why not update that blog and talk about improving video marketing for speakers?  Here […]


Sizzle reel essentials — a list you cannot miss

The internet is full of videos. How can you make your sizzle reel stand out? I recently thought of it while scrolling down on Instagram. It’s a lot easier than we think and the secret is right here!


5 Questions that meeting professionals hiring speakers will ask

the 5 main questions your speaker website needs to answer to get hired more often

Event planners and meeting professionals are busy people and if you are fortunate enough to have attracted them to your website, you have a matter of seconds to command their attention.  When you are presenting, you know you have to immediately get your audience on your side, but you usually have a ‘captive’ audience, and even if your first point […]


Lead Generation is Critical

You’ve got the sales and you’ve got the marketing that’s bringing more visitors to your site everyday… but are you really taking advantage of all the juicy potential those visitors are bringing each time they find you?

Which Are You?

Take the next steps to building your speaking business by choosing which of the speaker types below fits you!