What’s the Best Lead Magnet Quiz Platform? (in 2023)

It is probably the most asked question at my “Quiz Camps” (the 1-day workshops I provide to Speaking and Coach associations across North America) is “What’s the best lead magnet quiz platform?”

the best lead magnet quiz platform for your website

I see it every day. People asking questions like that on Facebook, LinkedIn and in forums, and I see super helpful friends jump in and say, “I use X – it is fantastic” or “Y all the way” and they think they are helping. But realistically, the posters have asked the wrong question.

There is no ‘best’ quiz platform out there, there is only the best quiz platform for you. 

Before you invest in any technology, the number one question you should ask yourself is,” What programs am I using now, and will the technologies integrate?”   

It can be so frustrating to spend all that time creating an amazing quiz, only to find it does not integrate with your CRM, or your email marketing system.  Just like any business endeavour, you must spend a bit of time planning before you take the leap.

So, I created the chart below, outlining my three favourite lead magnet quiz platforms, and how they integrate with various software you may be using in your speaking business. Click on the lines in red for direct access.

Smart Quiz BuilderThrive Quiz BuilderLeadQuizesInterac
$69 one time 1 site
$99 one time – unlimited sites
$30/month $228/year$37/month
Lite $17/month
Growth $53/month
PRO $125/month
Included quizzes and templates
Survey options
Dynamic content
Marketing AutomationActive CampaignDirectDirectDirectLite
KartraIn progressLite
Google DocsDirectDirectZapier
Constant ContactDirectDirectDirectLite
Membership and Online CoursesThinkificGrow
AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsDirectDirectDIrectLite
Facebook Pixel IntegrationDirectDirectDirectLite
Visit Smart Quiz BuilderVisit Thrive Quiz BuilderVisit LeadQuizesVisit Interac

Note – this table includes affiliate links and was updated in November of 2022. It is always a good idea to double-check to be sure before building your quiz.

PS – just found this blog series? Learn how to grow your list virally using quizzes here

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