Team Pibworth

Batman had Alfred. Tony Stark had J.A.R.V.I.S

Behind every successful superhero (or entrepreneur for that matter) is a team of talented individuals with your success as their driving force.


Caley W – Wizard of WordPress

Superpower – Creates websites that convert with her mad creativity and customization skills

She has been creating websites since 2004. And why does she do it? She loves creating things, pure and simple! Caley loves what we do here as a member of Team Pibworth, and the proof is in her longevity.  She has been with Lauren for over 10 years.  To Caley, each of our projects is special and unique and she puts 100% of her heart into it. Working with amazing clients that make every day an amazing adventure.

Caley is an avid country music fan and loves line dancing, which she does every Saturday night.

Eunice R (002)

Eunice R — Social Superstar

Superpower – Social Media, WordPress, Video Editing and so much more

Eunice is known as a Go-Getter. Throw anything to her and she do her magic in making it possible. She is passionate about the social world, and loves to create Visual Content for posting and video editing. She graduated with a Business Management Certification is living "her best life" - Leading Innovation and Transforming Lives as she goes.

Other than her passion for this industry, She is a loving daughter that loves to explore new places and try food that’s yet to be discovered.


Julie H — Membership Maven

Superpower – Taming all things e-commerce, membership or technology driven

Described as a ‘Techie-Creative’, there is nothing quite like solving a good puzzle. And when you have Julie H on your side, you get the perfect balance of technical know-how and flair for the creative.

Having worked for more than 20 years in “Corporate Canada” Julie has demonstrated versatility, adaptability and creative problem-solving with PibworthPS's clients.

She has had a long-time love affair with photography, often losing herself for hours striving for that next perfect shot. Julie absolutely adores cooking for family and her beautiful island home of friends, going to the theatre and exploring her home in beautiful British Columbia.


Kristi P — Process Princess

Superpower – untangling and streamlining – then mapping your business systems and processes so you can effectively delegate and increase your productivity

Kristi is also affectionately known as "The Systems Chick."

Active in the business management field for over twenty years, Kristi guides entrepreneurs from beginners to established business leaders on their path to freedom. She’s quick to step in and help our clients “get out of their own way.”

She designs systems and processes for her clients that fit their needs. There are no cookie cutters in her office. Each business is different, each client is different, and therefore creativity and ingenuity are a must.

With her multifaceted perspective, Kristi understands how each piece of a client’s business––and their future goals––work together.  She then creates the structure and the systems that result in improved efficiency, increased productivity, and significant progress toward scaling their business to the next level.

Kristi has a firm belief that with the right systems, everything is possible.

When she’s not her own office, Kristi can be found working in her garden, playing with her two dogs, Shelby & Sadie, acting as “mom-taxi” to her two kids, Katy & Josh, or hanging out with her husband, Andrew, her partner of more than twenty years.


Melanie D — Messaging Muse

Superpower – ROI-Driven Design & Copywriting

With a background in Design and Development, Melanie has been helping clients reposition themselves and their messaging for over 15 years in increasingly valuable and memorable ways.

She has a soft spot for “user-first design” – meaning she always takes into account how first-time readers and repeat visitors might interact with websites, emails and online experiences so it’s easily understood, related-with and valued (ultimately increasing conversion rates).

When she’s not coding, copywriting or collaborating with other “high-vibe, heart-centric” clients on the Pibworth Team Melanie can be found stargazing, swimming and listening to music that moves her soul.

Joanna Avellana

Joanna A — Management Marvel

Superpower – ROI-Driven Design & Copywriting

Joanna, proudly serves as the "Management Marvel" at Pibworth Professional Solutions. Her forte lies in combining her certified Online Business Manager (OBM) expertise with exceptional project management skills to deliver top-tier results for our clients.

Holding an OBM certification, she is deeply dedicated to the art and science of managing online businesses efficiently. This expertise is complemented by her strong project management capabilities, where she excels in orchestrating complex projects, ensuring they are executed seamlessly from inception to completion.

Her approach is always client-centric – understanding unique needs, fostering collaborative efforts, and steering projects with a keen eye for detail and efficiency. This blend of OBM knowledge and project management proficiency enables her to craft bespoke solutions that truly resonate with our client's objectives.

Intern Lauren.W @Pibworthps

Lauren W - Intrepid Intern

Superpower – Absorbing everything Lauren and the team can teach

Lauren is a dynamic marketing student whose passion for consumer behavior and brand strategy drives her academic pursuits. By the time she completed high school, had already taken a multitude of classes in the marketing field.

Lauren is on the way to completing a Marketing degree at Durham College. She has a great passion for content creation and digital marketing campaigns. She aspires to enhance her knowledge to create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

Aside from being Pibworth’s "Intrepid Intern" Lauren enjoys physical fitness, and food and can often be found snuggled up with her pets reading a book.


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