About Lauren

I believe we all have a superpower (or 3).
My superpower is all wrapped up in my #PibworthHugs.

“Working with Pibworth Professional Solutions
is like being enveloped in a warm hug of knowledge and support”

“Working with Pibworth Professional Solutions is like being enveloped in a warm hug of knowledge and support”

This is one of the most treasured testimonials I have ever received. That feeling, that experience, is exactly what I want my clients to feel when they work with me.

I am known for my hugs. My hugs lend calming and soothing energy to anyone in need - and that feeling is translated throughout the entire experience of working with me (and my team).


Even after 13+ years of running PibworthPS, I am still just as driven to build my knowledge in all things marketing. In the online world, everything changes so quickly and the technology that you mastered last month is already outdated this month. I get it, this is why I am a lifelong learner and surround myself with super smart people who have expertise in the things I don’t.

My background is in advertising with a large company based in Toronto, Ontario where I worked on some large brands including Fairmont Hotels, TD Canada Trust and Alliance Atlantis (television). I participated in several new business pitches, and really got to see the inner workings of branding and advertising at its biggest. I bring those insights to the speakers that work with us.

In addition to running PibworthPS, I am also the Marketing Chair for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Toronto Chapter, and Social Media coordinator for the National chapter of CAPS. As a fellow speaker and (former) emcee. I have "walked the walk” of my clients. Here at PibworthPS we have an intimate understanding of your needs, your passions, and your struggles.

I know how it feels to have that story – that message – bubbling up from your soul and screaming to get out. But no one is listening... That is how I spent the first three decades of my life, bottled up with all my ambitions, passions and desires stifled. Now that I am free to share my authentic self, I am compelled to help others do it too.


It can seem like you are ‘all alone’ when you are running your business, and I know how lonely and overwhelming that can feel, especially when you are in mid-launch and there is so much to keep track of, or when the “I’m an imposter” syndrome kicks in. One of my superpowers is ‘talking people off the ledge’. In fact, one client calls me her “Marketing Therapist” instead of her “Marketing Strategist”.  Now, of course, you are not going to need this level of support all the time, but knowing you always have someone in your corner makes a world of difference.

The clients who work directly with me understand that I eat, sleep and breathe their businesses right along with them. I am ‘all in’ - all the time.

The Personal Stuff 

Happily married with two furry children in the shape of miniature schnauzers, I spend my free time traveling to incredible scuba diving destinations. As a former sommelier, my love of the Ontario wine industry has never diminished, so my other passion is matching the perfect meal with the perfect wine. In fact, in my newsletter, along with key marketing insights, you will find occasional wine reviews and recipes that have inspired me. Niagara-on-the-Lake and the small villages that make up the Niagara wine country are my second home.

In a world lacking in commitment and follow-through, these simple words guide me whether in business, in family life, or in the delivery of my brand promise. I live by the words "Do what you say you are going to do!"

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